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  1. MickJagger

    I like parts of many decades of Classic Rock

    I say the separation by decade means nothing. The moderators need another plan.
  2. MickJagger

    Kurt Cobain

    We lost Kurt Cobain in 1994 at age 27. He had more talent than he could handle.
  3. MickJagger

    Radiohead (Official Thread)

    Best band. I liked them when they were new. The real music sounds better today,
  4. MickJagger

    The Midnight Special

    Some of the old Midnight Special bands are really bad music,
  5. MickJagger

    Radiohead (Official Thread)

    I am a big fan. I just watched again the DVD "The Astoria" London Live. It was from 1995.
  6. MickJagger

    I was in Athens, GA when R.E.M. played some great songs

    It was at the 40 Watt Club. One of the Best of the 1980's. Their 1990's music was great as well. They were the best until Michal cut off his hair. JMO.
  7. MickJagger

    REO Speedwagon (Official Thread)

    It makes me think of a girl that I lost.
  8. MickJagger

    Badfinger (Official Thread)

    Great band for sure. They should have been more popular. I still love their harmonies and song writing.
  9. MickJagger

    Pink Floyd (Official Thread)

    The Best of the Best in rock and roll history. My shirt from 1977:
  10. MickJagger

    Big Star (Official Thread)

    They were the best.
  11. MickJagger


    I loved their songs from the 1970's. The female singer Annie Haslam (was especially gifted),
  12. MickJagger

    Jellyfish (Official Thread)

    As you can see, I Iike all of their stuff. Bellybuttom (1990) was the best but the new stuff is good. --- I think all of them are nor studio guys today.
  13. MickJagger

    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

  14. MickJagger

    Jellyfish (Official Thread)

    This is one of my favorite bands that most people don't know. 1990 had Bellybutton and 1993 had Split Milk by Jellyfish. 1996 had Imperial Drag by most of the members of Jellyfish (hard to find). [Top Row] 2020, 2021, and 2022 had the new release of THE Lickerish Quartet (a Three-some now)...
  15. MickJagger

    What is the name for this style of music?

    I dislike placing a band on a generic category. I like most all rock bands in all decades. I have an extensive collection of vinyl and CD recordings. I also go back and forth on my favorites. It seems normal to me.
  16. MickJagger

    "Pink Floyd" Pulse

    I like "Pulse". That said I have 24 albums, DVDs, and CD's by Pink Floyd. I bought the big box set of Pink Floyd recordings. It also had a book of pictures and written material. I really hate it when the band broke off. It was too many big egos in one studio.
  17. MickJagger

    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    The Rolling Stones are still the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the world. I have been watching the 2003 release of the "Rolling Stones Four Flicks" four DVD set. The third disk was filmed in England. This version of "Gimmie Shelter" is just awesome. My poster of he 1981 American Tour:
  18. MickJagger

    When your favorite bands change as the years move on?

    1) It is Pink Floyd. 2) The Rolling Stones (50 years of rock and roll) 3) The Beatles (only four years?) 4) Porcupine Tree (Steve Wison is that good) 5) Jimi Hendrix (I wonder what he could have done?) It's just too many to pick. I was in Athens when R.E.M. realised. I saw my first concert...
  19. MickJagger

    Favourite Band of the 2000s?

    I'd agree with The Strokes. I own all of their CDs.
  20. MickJagger

    One of my three home stereo systems

    This is the one I use today (own two others). The Benjamin Microscord record player is not shown but plugged in. I guess I collect 1970's stereo equipment.
  21. MickJagger

    Pink Floyd (Official Thread)

    I am a big fan going back to their early Syd Barrett music. My last count was 27 albums and CD's....and some DVD's. My favorite is the boxed set (6 cd's) with the live and remastered two American "The Wall" concerts.
  22. MickJagger

    Porcupine Tree (Official Thread)

    I am a big fan of Porcupine Tree as well as Steven Wilson. The dude is a genius. I own all of the albums going back to around 1996. I really like the 2006 DVD "Arriving Somewhere.." -two DVD's and 2018 DVD "Home Invasion" In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall --three DVD's.
  23. MickJagger

    What Music DVD Are You Watching

    I own about 120 music DVD's. Most were bought in the last 40 years at a store or 2nd owner store. I have a wide-screen TV with a good sound bar. Not surprisingly, I am a Rolling Stones fan. My favorite is "Ladies and Gentlemen" The Rolling Stones (1972 Tour, released in 2010). Next is the...

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