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  1. dr wu

    Frampton, Foreigner and Ozzy to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

    It's the' Rock and Roll Hall of Shame' these days. There are so many great rock artists that have never even been nominated yet there are clearly any number of non rock 'artists' who have been inducted. Cultural politics or money or both I suppose. Osbourne was already in with Sabbath...does he...
  2. dr wu

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    One of my favorite tracks by the older Mac,,,, Future Games-st I think Bob Welch is underappreciated especially after Buckingham-Nicks had large sales with Mac.
  3. dr wu

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    Bermuda TRiangle-Fleetwood Mac (1974)
  4. dr wu

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    Bare Trees- Fleetwood Mac
  5. dr wu

    Paris - Paris (1976)

    An ok band....used to have the vinyl...not sure where it went,,,,might have sold or traded it years ago. I prerer Welch's work/songwriting with Mac especially Future Games, Bare Trees, and Mystery.
  6. dr wu

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    It just goes to show that even rock musicians are complicated when it comes to their views.... ;)
  7. dr wu

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    Recently picked up some used cds.... CCR-Cosmos Factory Billy Joel-Greatest hits RTF-Romantic Warrior Black Crowes- Hits Steve Earle- Copperhead Road, I Feel Allright Bob Seeger-Nine to Five
  8. dr wu

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    In Tune _The Who
  9. dr wu

    AC/DC Vs Fats

    Hmmm....went with Fats .........though I like Cheap Tricks version the best. ;) One of AC/DC worst lps.
  10. dr wu

    Rock music

    Welcome......start a thread on the bands you like and we'll be gald to 'get into it' with you. :cool:
  11. dr wu

    Steve Perry Solo (Official Thread)

    :oops: Speaking of Perry and Journey I bought the first lp in 1975 because Neal Schon and Greg Rolie (Santana) and Aynsley Dunbar (Brit who played for many great bands) were on it. Bought the second for same reasons... From there I lost interest though the same lineup was on the third...
  12. dr wu

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    'I'd Love to Change the World'- Ten Years After
  13. dr wu

    Magic (1971)

    It reminds me of part of 2 short riffs....Satisfaction riff by Stones and I'd Love to Change the World by Ten Years After. Its not the same as either but contains some of the note patterns.
  14. dr wu

    What Are You Listening To? Redux (No Videos)

    Being a Steely Dan fan I bought the last 2 when they came out but the songs never grabbed me like the early lps.....didnt have the same vibe or atmosphere or something.,,,but well played and recorded.
  15. dr wu

    ZZ Top Vs Blackberry Smoke

    Never heard either song before.....Blackberry Smoke sound a bit like the Black Crowes who I like but overall would prefer ZZtop as a band.
  16. dr wu

    David Essex Vs Edgar Winter

    I voted I think this poll is silly......for fun. ;) BTW acid became popular in the late 60's very early 70's. My first experience was in spring 1970. Both songs are from 1973.
  17. dr wu

    Alice Cooper Versus Ozzy Osbourne??

    For me that depends on band or solo......I think Coopers band in the early days was great,,, Love It To Death, Killer , and Schools Out are great lps but so are all the early Black Sabbath lps. Solo I would pick Ozzy especially the first 3 or 4 lps.
  18. dr wu

    Pink Floyd vs Jimi Hendrix

    Again...radically different rock genres....I think Are You Experienced and Electric Ladyland are as good as DSOTM and vote again.
  19. dr wu

    Pink Floyd vs Cream

    Tough comparison.....I like Disraeli Gears and Wheels of Fire as well as anything Floyd did like Dark Side and Wish You Were Here......two completely different styles....hard to compare outside of genre styles. No vote .....
  20. dr wu

    The Rolling Stones vs The Kinks

    Have to go with the Stones for the depth of the catalog especially lps like Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, and Exile.
  21. dr wu

    The Who vs Cheap Trick

    The Who over Cheap Trick,,,, though I do like Tricks first 3 or 4 lps.
  22. dr wu

    Magic (1971)

    Never ran across them in the old days....I started college in '69...but no one had that lp that I knew. Sound like a mix of rock folk country. Maybe they needed a more definitive sound of their own. Found this link
  23. dr wu

    Elvis Presley vs The Beatles

    Beatles ...of course. Some info for those who dont know this: "Elvis never wrote a single song although he recorded over 600. He was given co-writing credits on a lot of songs because his label demanded songwriters gave up 50% of the credit to him before he recorded it as they knew he would make...
  24. dr wu

    Savoy Brown (Official Thread)

    A classic by them..................... 'Tell Mama'
  25. dr wu

    Savoy Brown (Official Thread)

    Been a fan from the days of Blue Matter....the first 7 or 8 lps are all worth having...Raw Sienna has always been my favorite. "I'm Crying'-Savoy Brown (1969) Chris Youlden on vocals......the best singer they ever had.

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