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  1. DaKillerWolf

    Rythm Guitarist Battle

    K K Downing.....
  2. DaKillerWolf

    Bassist Battle

  3. DaKillerWolf

    70's Aerosmith Strip

    You See Me Crying ...gone Walkin' the Dog Toys in the Attic Adam's Apple Back in the Saddle Nobody's Fault
  4. DaKillerWolf

    Metal: American or European?

    There are plenty of them you are just unaware of them...not as many as European...granted, but still plenty more where they / Iced Earth are coming from...
  5. DaKillerWolf

    Strip 'em --- 70's ZZ Top

    Manic Mechanic is racing on out of town ... (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree Brown Sugar Squank Goin' Down To Mexico Old Man Neighbor Neighbor Certified Blues Bedroom Thang Just Got Back From Baby's Backdoor Love Affair Francine Just Got Paid Mushmouth Shoutin'...
  6. DaKillerWolf

    Drummer Battle #3

    Carl Palmer would be my number two followed by Dave Lombardo
  7. DaKillerWolf

    Drummer Battle #3

    Cozy Powell
  8. DaKillerWolf

    Motorhead (Official Thread)

    Loved the last one....... excited for the new release
  9. DaKillerWolf

    Strip 'em --- Southern Rock {closed}

    26. I'm No Angel - Gregg Allman ,,,never liked this song 1. Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd 2. Ramblin Man - Allman Brothers Band 3. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd 4. The South's Gonna Do It Again - Charlie Daniels Band 5. Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band 6. Whipping Post - Allman...
  10. DaKillerWolf

    70's Queen strip {closed}

    More of That Jazz,,,,,don't like most of late 70's material Keep Yourself Alive Doing All Right Great King Rat My Fairy King Liar The Night Comes Down Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll Son and Daughter Jesus Procession Father To Son White Queen (As It Began) Some Day One Day The Loser in the End Ogre...
  11. DaKillerWolf

    Metal: American or European?

    Yeah, I see what your getting at ...more of a European leaning..... musically more complex and less poppy then what most think of as American music.
  12. DaKillerWolf

    Drummer Battle #2

    Bill Ward, Ian Paice, Nicko
  13. DaKillerWolf

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Thanks man :cheers2
  14. DaKillerWolf

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    It's pretty cool but personally I like about 7 of their albums better...still like it though...
  15. DaKillerWolf

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    It's a big scary grim reaper ...haha got that from my biker buddy Scraper one drunken hell raising night many many moons ago. :D
  16. DaKillerWolf

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Good question, I look a bit like a blank faced Zombie now that I look at this pic :heheh: But on the plus side I have my Outlaws 25th Anniversary Concert T I got that going for me anyways ...
  17. DaKillerWolf

    Dio (Official Thread)

    One of my favorites from a long list of excellent overlooked and underrated DIO releases currently vibrating the walls and floor of my apartment complex
  18. DaKillerWolf

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Vinyl...not really a huge Eagles fan but LOVE this album
  19. DaKillerWolf

    Metal: American or European?

    I can't argue the OVERALL statement but the problem lies w/ the fans not the bands...they are a slew of kick ass, talented US bands that are huge in Europe that no one here on this side of the pond bother to even give a glance..that's the reason the Euro scene kills the North American. Their...
  20. DaKillerWolf

    Drummer Battle

    True ^^ and if I was going for pure Metal drumming Scott Travis would take that hands down, IMO. From this list...
  21. DaKillerWolf

    Strip 'em --- Southern Rock {closed}

    10. Caught Up In You - .38 Special....more bubble gum then southern IMO....Also ,why the hell is Johnny Winter never included on Southern lists...Scorching Texas Blues is definitely more southern rock then a lot of the pop that seems to always make these lists
  22. DaKillerWolf

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Took some of the reflective light out grade now as anyone can clearly see haha
  23. DaKillerWolf

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Yeah, it's at my gym haha ...too much lighting

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