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  1. MaryGreen

    Your Favourite Pieces.

    Recently I started to listen to a young viola player Maxim Rysanov and found out that I like his performances a lot! Here’s one of them with cello and piano: kNulaA-ArQU If you like it as I do you can listen to his new works in collaboration with the same cellist (Kristina Blaumane), but...
  2. MaryGreen

    A-Z of Classical Music

    Very interesting idea for the topic. For example for my greatest shame, despite on I always considered myself to be classical music lover I've never heard about Barenboim before... And now I do! Very informative! Thanks a lot!
  3. MaryGreen

    Ludwig van Beethoven

    I always liked the music of this great composer but recently after I had found new records of his works performed by Maxim Rysanov, Kristina Blaumane and Jacob Katsnelson I just can’t stop listening to it! As I see there are lots of Beethoven’s fans here, so I won’t be any kind of scrooge and share.
  4. MaryGreen

    Your Top 10 Classical Composers

    Top 10 classical composers as for me are: Ludwig van Beethoven Gabriel Faure Alfred Schnittke Claude Debussy Antonio Vivaldi Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky Johannes Brahms Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Jean Sibelius Johann Sebastian Bach

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