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  1. Musikwala

    Kate Bush (Official Thread)

    The Dreaming listening update: :D This album is... um, wow! And I don't mean wow in a.. Wow! what a fantastic album! LOL. At this point it is more a wow, what the **** is she smoking here?? Anyway, I have been nothing but open-minded about this experience and that is why I continue to give this...
  2. Musikwala

    Kate Bush (Official Thread)

    Okay, so after Hounds of Love, Sensual World and the Kick Inside, I have just recently got The Dreaming. Absolutely hated it after the first listen! :gig Things started kicking in after the third listen. This is an intense album and there's a lot going on with the production and her fiery...
  3. Musikwala

    Peter Gabriel (Official Thread)

    I have yet to warm up completely to his debut album except Humdrum, Here Comes The Flood and Modern Love to an extent.
  4. Musikwala

    Peter Gabriel (Official Thread)

    It's amazing how much his third album Melt is growing on me. I absolutely hated it on first listen! :heheh:
  5. Musikwala

    Happy Birthday ComfortablyNumb!

    Happy Birthday! :grinthumb
  6. Musikwala

    Peter Gabriel (Official Thread)

    I am quite surprised that there is no official thread here for Peter Gabriel's solo work. He is an accomplished artist who has really pushed the boundaries of music through his wonderfully eclectic mix of prog rock, pop rock, world music and experimental. Studio Albums: Peter Gabriel/Car...
  7. Musikwala

    Happy Birthday Riff Raff!!!!

    Happy belated birthday, Riff Raff! :grinthumb
  8. Musikwala

    Do you prefer Music or Movies/TV?

    What kind of question is this on a music forum?? :gig Of course, music trumps everything!! Movies can be fun and TV is okay but the programme/channel has to be something interesting and informative like Nat Geo or Travel. But Music is light years ahead of everything else! :bow: Haha I know...
  9. Musikwala

    Pink Floyd Reportedly Set to Release New Album This Fall

    Loving the good reviews you guys are giving!! Yayyy I cannot wait to get it this weekend! :woot:
  10. Musikwala

    Happy birthday electric funeral

    Quite belated (because I haven't logged in to the forum in a while) but happy birthday! Hope it was a great one! :grinthumb
  11. Musikwala

    Happy Birthday Musikwala

    Wow! Thanks, Sunny, for creating this thread! :cheers2 Haha I think I've seen this before. Thanks, man! :grinthumb :heheh: Tried to make the most of a Monday birthday by celebrating with family, homemade chocolate cake, dinner and dessert. Thanks for all your wishes, guys! You made my...
  12. Musikwala

    Pink Floyd Reportedly Set to Release New Album This Fall

    Here's an interesting new Rolling Stone article: Pink Floyd Say Goodbye | Rolling Stone
  13. Musikwala

    Devils Child VS. Children Of The Damned

    I belieeeeve you're the devil.... I belieeeeve you're the devil's child!! \\m//
  14. Musikwala

    Smashing Pumpkins (Official Thread)

    The new single sounds okay. I like it. Too early to tell if I love it or not.
  15. Musikwala

    Pink Floyd (Official Thread)

    I don't know about South African Floyd fans since I've only been living here since 2009 but I do know that India has lots of Pink Floyd fans especially in the college scene and people around my age group or older. I don't think this pie chart is very representative of the world. Or maybe India...
  16. Musikwala

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Yikes! That sounds serious if Bono indeed has glaucoma.
  17. Musikwala

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Yeah I know he gives some health reason for his continuously wearing sunglasses. I still think he could pick one that is not so huge and self-important. But Bono wouldn't be Bono without thinking that he is the centre of the universe! :rolleyes: I miss the 90s Bono from my avatar. :D
  18. Musikwala

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Whatever happened to Lord Grendel? His name now shows as LG and he hasn't posted since Sept 7th or so. Also missing in action is Magic. And TheSound. Maybe they're taking a break.
  19. Musikwala

    Picking Sides: Abbey Road

    Yup. :tup: Also, You Never Give Me Your Money could be my fav Beatles non-single song ever! Nice thread, Cosmic!
  20. Musikwala

    Nevermind vs Ten

    You don't like DuVall? :p
  21. Musikwala

    Happy birthday Philmore

    Happy belated birthday Philmore!
  22. Musikwala

    Best album of the 10s?

    You will not regret it, Tray! And I need to pick up ...Like Clockwork.
  23. Musikwala

    Nevermind vs Ten

    Oh yeah I'm very familiar with TicketBastard and PJ's protest. I lived in the US for about 8 to 9 years.
  24. Musikwala

    Nevermind vs Ten

    I wasn't talking to you at all. The last line was frankly just a joke/dig at Lynch openly loving 80s metal quite a bit. If you or Lynch don't care to listen to the songs I suggested, it doesn't affect me one bit. To each their own.
  25. Musikwala

    Best album of the 10s?

    Okay, I'm going for a second pick which seriously gives my first pick (Tame Impala's Innerspeaker) a run for its money! The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Absolutely killer album! Every song here is gold! I'm so glad I discovered this album even though I was a year late.

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