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    Best Album of 1993

    Rid of Me by PJ Harvey
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    best punk rock song ever

    Pretty Vacant or Holiday in Cambodia for me.
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    Sexy Women in Music II

    I'll repost a couple of my favorites from the old thread- Punk goddess Siouxsie Sioux- I'd say Gwen Stefani pretty much sums up the concept of "rock star abs"-
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    Music you've outgrown....?

    A lot of the 2000's garage rock I listened to in High School doesn't sound nearly as good today, aside from Is This It and maybe some Hives songs. Especially once you've listened to the late 70's punk and new wave that inspired it.
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    The Damned (Official Thread)

    That debut album is right up there with the Ramones and Pistols debuts as the best punk album of all time.
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    Original Punk

    I'm a huge fan of old-school punk. Not a whole lot of hardcore/modern punk that I like but there is some.
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    Best British Band of the 90's

    Radiohead definitely. Blur are also excellent and are no. 2. Stone Roses are really more of a 80's band since that's when their classic debut came out and they only had one 90's album. They're just more culturally representative of the 80's with the whole baggy thing.
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    Most Overrated Bands of the 90's

    Oasis and Nirvana.
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    Ugh! Today's definition of "Classic" Rock.

    I would define classic rock as most rock made between 65-76. After the era of early Elvis/Chuck Berry rock and roll and before the emergence of punk and new wave. Although some people just use classic rock to mean rock that is sufficiently old to be considered classic. So Nirvana and 90's...
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    Your top 3 songs from the Black Sabbath album Paranoid?

    I know they're the cliche choices, but it's Paranoid, War Pigs, and Iron Man. Planet Caravan narrowly missed out.
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    Favorite Beatle?

    John. He generally had the best songs and was the most musically ambitious, he had the most interesting voice, and generally lived an interesting life. Overall he probably had the best solo career, although All Things Must Pass is the best Beatle solo album.
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    The Dead Boys!

    Recently listened to their debut and liked it. I'll be getting to their second album later. Another very good late 70's rock band.
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    Favourite Track On A Hard Day's Night

    If I Fell
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    Artists/bands that saved the 80s from total oblivion

    The early 80's were actually pretty great with the continuation of punk and new wave. But once you got to the mid/late 80's it did get pretty rough with the dominance of lame arena hard rock. Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr were pretty great in that period, though. As were R.E.M., The Smiths, The...
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    Songs Stuck In Your Head From Artists You Generally Don't Like

    Can't stand Oasis generally, but Wonderwall and Live Forever have that "earworm" quality to them.
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    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    I've been listening to The Rolling Stones all day. Can't beat this classic-
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    The Beatles Albums Are in Your Top Five

    Revolver White Album Sgt Pepper Let it Be Beatles for Sale
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    Sublime (Official Thread)

    I love Robbin' the Hood. It's so weird. All the lo-fi acoustic tracks are beautiful and all the weird interludes, especially the spoken word tracks with that random psycho, really make the album. You have to be a truly strange/special person to put together an album like that, it's the same...
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    Your Five Most Influential c.d.s (Share Why, Stories, etc.)

    5. Revolver- The Beatles- I've been at least a casual fan all my life, I always liked their big hits. But this was the first of their actual records I actually sat down and listened to from beginning to end as a teenager. It turned me into the huge fan that I am today and I subsequently went and...
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    favorite song from the 60s

    Top ten Strawberry Fields Forever- The Beatles Happiness is a Warm Gun- The Beatles Gimme Shelter- The Rolling Stones Satisfaction- The Rolling Stones Shangri-La- The Kinks Heroin- The Velvet Underground Space Oddity- David Bowie Heroes and Villains- The Beach Boys God Only Knows- The Beach...
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    Top 10 Classic Rock Albums

    I'll interpret "classic rock" as 1975 and earlier A Night at the Opera- Queen Revolver- The Beatles The White Album- The Beatles Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)- The Kinks The Velvet Underground & Nico- The Velvet Underground Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- The...
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    Best Rock Album of The Last 20 Years...

    Band: Radiohead Album- Ok Computer Released- 1997

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