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  1. Hadsonmaus

    Quiet Songs.

    I was listening to "Cult member- neon show" when I was recently invited to one of the events. namely the best escape room Calgary quest. I really liked the melody of this quiet song, as it was playing there all evening. And in general I prefer quiet music which helps me to relax.
  2. Hadsonmaus

    Favourite lurve songs?

    I also really liked the song Huo Yuan Jia by Jay Chou. I first heard it in a music video I watched on YouTube. The video itself was on the theme of daytime China, which I also like very much. Especially I liked their outfits, they were wearing traditional Hanfu dresses, just like I saw here. I...
  3. Hadsonmaus

    Favourite lurve songs?

    I really like the song "Shuo Ai Ni- Jolin Tsai" about love, which I first heard in a Chinese romantic movie. I remember this song for a long time and I listen to it often.
  4. Hadsonmaus

    Hello everyone

    Hi all, my name is Hudson and I am a new member of this forum. Glad to be part of your community. Are there a lot of people making money with music?

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