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  1. OzzyVanHalen

    Rythm Guitarist Battle

    K.K. Downing
  2. OzzyVanHalen

    Bassist Battle #2

    Geezer all the way.
  3. OzzyVanHalen

    The band w/ the better name?

    Out of this list, Alice in Chains.
  4. OzzyVanHalen

    Lead Guitarist Battle

    Tony Iommi
  5. OzzyVanHalen

    Ozzy Osbourne says new Black Sabbath album is "Mind blowing"

    Black Sabbath‘s upcoming album, ’13,’ is perhaps the most anticipated metal disc since Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith returned to Iron Maiden in 1999, entering the studio to create ‘Brave New World.’ Expectations for the new Sabbath release are understandably massive, and, in a new interview...
  6. OzzyVanHalen

    Sammy Hagar open to Van Halen reunion

    In a new interview, Sammy Hagar says he would rejoin Van Halen. Last month, the Red Rocker spoke to Vegas Rocks! at the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp Studio inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where he was asked what he would say to Eddie Van Halen today … after all the turmoil...
  7. OzzyVanHalen

    Unholy vs. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver by miles!
  8. OzzyVanHalen

    Cover Song Battle

  9. OzzyVanHalen

    Jailbreak x 2

    I'm giving my vote to AC/DC here.
  10. OzzyVanHalen

    Santa Monica vs Santa Monica

    Theory of A Deadman. One of my favorite modern rock bands.
  11. OzzyVanHalen

    Girls Galore...

    Motley Crue
  12. OzzyVanHalen

    No More VS Sweet Leaf VS Cocaine

    Sabbath easily.
  13. OzzyVanHalen

    Eddie Van Halen working with LL Cool J?

    According to the VAN HALEN News Desk, guitar legend Eddie Van Halen appears to be part of hip hop legend LL COOL J's upcoming album, Authentic, due out on April 30th. On March 4th, the pair jointly released this photo of them sitting in the recording studio, with no accompanying text. The...
  14. OzzyVanHalen

    1977 ~ 2!!

  15. OzzyVanHalen


    Baba O' Riley.
  16. OzzyVanHalen

    Jump Poll

    Van Halen's Jump is way overplayed. Still a great song but I'm going with The Stones here.
  17. OzzyVanHalen

    Metal Poll 19!!

    Black Sabbath. You can't beat that riff. One of the best and doomy riffs in metal history.
  18. OzzyVanHalen

    Metal Poll 17!!

  19. OzzyVanHalen

    Metal Poll 18!!

    Judas Priest
  20. OzzyVanHalen

    Metal Poll 15!!

  21. OzzyVanHalen

    Metal Poll 14!!

    Symptom Of The Universe easily. The main riff is legendary.
  22. OzzyVanHalen

    Metal Poll 13!!

    Black Sabbath
  23. OzzyVanHalen

    Metal Poll 16!!

    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
  24. OzzyVanHalen

    Metal Poll 12!!

    Gotta go with Metallica here.

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