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  1. SusieMay

    Why is Stevie Nicks more appreciated than Christine McVie?

    Yeah, I was also thinking about the fact that Stevie is more of a celebrity but still I feel like Christine is very underrated :( Leonard Cohen was not a celebrity neither and people loved him for his talent
  2. SusieMay

    Why is Stevie Nicks more appreciated than Christine McVie?

    Okay, I love Fleetwood Mac but I don't know much about their private life. I can see though, especially in the media, that everyone seem to praise Stevie Nicks. There's some kind of Fleetwood Mac Renessaince but Stevie Nicks is the only one they all talk about - that she's so pretty, such an...
  3. SusieMay

    Eric Clapton (Official Thread)

    yeah, you're probably right! I just see Lou Reed references everywhere :D:D
  4. SusieMay

    Greetings from Poland!

    Hello! I'm super happy I found this place :nana: My english is not perfect but I hope it's not a problem. My name is Zuzanna (so basically Susie/Suzy/Sue/whatever) and I like it because that's a pretty rock and roll name :p I'm 21 years old and I'm from Poland. I'm studying music journalism in...
  5. SusieMay

    Eric Clapton (Official Thread)

    I'm currently reading Eric's Autobiography and he said (not literally bc I don't read it in English): "Some people remember very well what they were doing the day John Kennedy died (...)". Do you think it's a reference to Lou Reed's song? :hm:

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