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  1. GiovanniV

    Guns 'N Roses song battle!

    Sweet Child O' Mine
  2. GiovanniV

    Epic song battle! Priest vs. Maiden

    Flight Of Icarus - Iron Maiden
  3. GiovanniV

    Favorite Iron Maiden "Somewhere In Time" song

    Alexander the Great
  4. GiovanniV

    Madonna (Official Thread)

    I've Madonna to thank for getting me into James Cagney movies with White Heat, brilliant song and brilliant movie!
  5. GiovanniV

    Billy Idol (Official Thread)

    I always find it funny he released an Xmas album, my fave song would probally be White Wedding but I also like Dead Next Door... His latest album is worth checking out too!
  6. GiovanniV

    The Songs About Angels Battle.. Pick JUST ONE!!!!

    Angel by Aerosmith, love that song.
  7. GiovanniV

    Somewhere In Time

    One of their best, a ten out of ten from me. Favourite tracks: Stranger In A Strange Land, Alexander The Great, The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner.
  8. GiovanniV

    The Book of Souls - Iron Maiden

    Their best album in years, I'll give it a 10, just for the recording of a song that goes on for 18 minutes but never gets boring!
  9. GiovanniV

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    My top 5 Iron Maiden albums would be: 1. Powerslave 2. Somewhere in Time 3. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 4. Iron Maiden 5. The Book of Souls
  10. GiovanniV

    Within Temptation or Nightwish

    Definitely Nightwish for me, an outstanding ever-changing band, I love Within Temptation too, especially their early albums.
  11. GiovanniV

    In This Moment (Official Thread)

    Hunting Grounds (feat. Joe Cotella) from the forthcoming album!
  12. GiovanniV


    My faves would be:
  13. GiovanniV

    Early or late 80's music..what do you prefer?

    From 1980 to 85, new wave and new romantic as well as metal and rock for me, after Live Aid music seemed to change, becoming more preachy and also dance/club oriented pop dominated whilst Stock, Aiken and Waterman’s assault on the British charts didn’t help matters much, I liked the corny hair...
  14. GiovanniV

    What Did You Listen To In The 80's?

    Everything in the top 40, I didn't get into music from the 50's, 60's and 70's til much later. But there was alot of good stuff in the charts back then, it was so diverse, compared to the top 40 of today.
  15. GiovanniV

    Pink Floyd album battle!

    Gotta take the Dark Side!
  16. GiovanniV

    What's Your Favorite Whitesnake song?

    Here I Go Again 1987
  17. GiovanniV

    Iron Maiden song battle!

    The Evil That Men Do, one of my faves.
  18. GiovanniV

    How did you find CRF?

    Google too.
  19. GiovanniV


    Hi there, new user here, as you can see from my avatar, I’m an Iron Maiden fan and from the UK. Looking forward to posting here.

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