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  1. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Favorite 50's Singer.

    Johnny Mathis Roy Orbison Clyde McPhatter Little Richard Elvis Presley Don & Phil Everly Jackie Wilson Patsy Cline Ray Charles Fats Domino
  2. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    POLL: 4 notable singles from 1966

    The Beach Boys got my vote.
  3. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Too 10 Queen Songs

    Coming Soon Get Down Make Love Dragon Attack Somebody To Love Innuendo One Vision Rock It (Prime Jive) Liar Stone Cold Crazy Don't Stop Me Now
  4. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Which Mick Jagger Song Are You?

    I'm "Wild Horses".
  5. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    KISS vs. Guns N‘ Roses

    KISS got my vote.
  6. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Paul Buckmaster Dead At 71

    Sad news. His work on "Moonlight Mile" by The Rolling Stones is nothing short of majestic. RIP.
  7. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    1978: The Cars or Parallel Lines?

    The Cars. I think their first two albums are stone classics.
  8. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Kinks and Zombies bassist Jim Rodford dies aged 76

    I saw The Kinks live in 1980 during their "One For the Road" tour. It was at the Forum in L.A. To this day I still consider it one of the best shows I ever attended. It was a night filled with great music and good fun. RIP Jim.
  9. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Moody Blues’ Ray Thomas Dies at 76

    Sad news. RIP, your music will never be forgotten.
  10. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Top 3 tracks on CCR album Cosmo's Factory?

    Travelin' Band Run Through the Jungle Long As I Can See the Light
  11. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Most Overlooked Rock Guitar Genius

    Why was Dee Murray on the list? He was Elton's bass player. Davey Johnstone was EJ's guitarist (a good one, too). I think Glen Buxton is overlooked. He was the lead guitarist in the Alice Cooper band.
  12. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Your top 3 songs on The Cars debut album?

    My Best Friend's Girl Don't Cha Stop You're All I've Got Tonight
  13. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    You can now buy a Beatles "Sgt.Pepper" jukebox

    I want one! How many singles does it hold?
  14. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Who is the greatest musician who died before reaching his full potential?

    I've seen these names on other lists, but I would've liked to have heard more from them: Brian Jones Pete Ham Otis Redding Jim Croce Terry Kath Buddy Holly Danny Whitten Duane Allman Johnny Ace Keith Moon Tammi Terrell Jackie Wilson Bon Scott
  15. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    4 70's Alice Cooper albums poll

    I just put an Alice playlist on my iPod. It's got 83 songs, from "Pretties For You" to "Paranormal". "Welcome To My Nightmare" is the only album that I included in its entirety.
  16. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Clash of big classics of 1969: Abbey Road or Let it Bleed?

    2 classics, but the Fabs won this one by a hair.
  17. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Bob Seger or Neil Young tune?

    2 great songs, but Seger got my vote.
  18. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Do you have one top favourite music act?

    For me, The Beatles are head and shoulders above the rest. I love lots of other acts, but the Fabs will always be my faves. I've heard all their songs hundreds of times, but I just never get tired of them.
  19. Mr. Bob Dobolina

    Kiss vs. Desolation Boulevard

    Love 'em both, but Kiss got my vote.

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