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    Paul McCartney - Fuh You

    The Beatles were never ever a bubblegum boy band!? Where do people get this ridiculous stuff from? The Beatles were the hardest rocking band in Liverpool and then everywhere in the early 60s. John Lennon himself said, when it came to straight rock, nobody could touch the Beatles! A bubblegum...
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    Favorite Beatle after the Beatles

    Paul McCartney all the way!!
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    What was your favorite concert of all time and why?

    Wings, June 10th, 1976 Seattle Kingdome the night the Wings over America album was recorded! To this very day it is still the best concert I've ever attended in my life!! Why, there's many reasons, first of all back then for me it was the thrill of finally seeing Paul McCartney in real life...
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    Best live album intro

    Paul McCartney - Wings Over America! The intro of Venus and Mars/Rockshow/Jet is one of the hardest rocking and exciting openings in rock history!!
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    Who had the best concerts?

    Wings set world records when they toured in 76! One of the very best world tours in rock history!
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    the all time best bassist of a rock band

    McCartney for rock, Larry Graham for the funk.
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    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    McCartneys new one.
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    I've given it plenty of whirls, and it's masterful McCartney! This is clearly one of McCartneys very best!
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    You know I've never in my life heard a song that I liked and said wow did you hear those lyrics! The lyrics complaint is just ridiculous to me because the average person isn't thinking lyrics when they hear a song, that kind of complaint only comes from someone who is super analyzing every...
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    Wow Music Wench that's really sad to hear, you've really missed some amazing music.
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    maccaspan review This is a quick review on my first listen to the album. Dance Tonight Very simple, very clean, very fun. A great opener for what will be a great album. Paul learns YET another instrument for this one. I know a lot of Paul fans prefer a not so overproduced sounding Macca...
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    Continued The next song is Vintage Clothes, and it ushers in the album-ending "medley." I wish he hadn't assembled this as a medley, and if he had to, I wish he hadn't called it a medley, because it will only demand comparison to side 2 of Abbey Road, which would be unfair to ANY collection...
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    Continued The next song is the ballad I had been expecting, You Tell Me. Many will pounce on this as the "anti-Heather" song, but the presence of his band on the track suggest that it could date from 2003. Were the seeds of discontent sown that early in the marriage? I don't know, but this is...
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    Memory Almost Full by Paul McCartney In 1997, Bob Dylan shocked fans and onlookers with his "comeback" album Time Out Of Mind. Produced -- heavily, some would say -- by Daniel Lanois, Dylan delivered an album dripping with "importance," and he was showered with praise and awards. The opinion...
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    Roger Friedman Masterful McCartney I told you last week in my exclusive first review that Paul McCartney's "Memory Almost Full," due on June 5 from Starbucks' new Hear Music label, is better than anyone could have expected. Here are a couple of other thoughts about a song called "The...
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    Bill King (Beatlefan magazine) An advance of Paul McCartney’s “Memory Almost Full” album (due out June 5) arrived today. I've only listened to it twice, and I liked it better the second time, which is a good sign. The songs are definitely more developed than on 2001's "Driving Rain" album...
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    Matt Hurwitz has heard the entire album and the three bonus tracks. Here's his preview: Steve, I've just come from David Kahne's house in Los Angeles, where he played me the entire "Memory Almost Full" album and the three bonus tracks. Anybody who heard David's name associated with the...
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    McCartneys new album reviews

    Paul McCartney Gives Starbucks a Hit - Roger Friedman Paul McCartney. You know, he's 64 years old. On June 1, he celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' landmark album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." Four days later he will release his newest album "Memory Almost Full."...
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    Johnny Winter at Woodstock

    To me Johnny Winter is totally underappreciated!! He is one of the original guitar Gods, this man could play like no one else and he rocked!!

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