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  1. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Magic

    Best wishes to you Magic. :)
  2. Sunny

    R.I.P. Tony Joe White

    Sad news. :( KONXCsIacYU
  3. Sunny

    My intro

  4. Sunny

    Led Zeppelin (Official Thread)

    Have you read the new Jimmy Page biography? A must for all Page fans.
  5. Sunny

    10 songs (videos)

    7. Cloud On My Tongue - Tori Amos gxe7afmGG7w
  6. Sunny

    10 songs (videos)

    5. Clouds Of Loneliness - Gordon Lightfoot A0g4D251nJM
  7. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Lynch!

    Have a good one!
  8. Sunny

    Paul McCartney - Fuh You

    I like it. :)
  9. Sunny

    10 songs (videos)

    6. Streets Of Philadelphia - Bruce Sprinsteen oYLr9FtYtME
  10. Sunny

    10 songs (videos)

    4. Stockholm Syndrome - Muse gXN9acC9edU
  11. Sunny

    10 songs (videos)

    2. London Calling - The Clash EfK-WX2pa8c
  12. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Soot and Stars!

    Enjoy your day Sooty!!
  13. Sunny

    Favourite lurve songs?

    A nice soppy love song from British duo The Shires. fGJZewQ8k8k
  14. Sunny

    Our new Rock Instrumental Video. Please view. Thank you!

    Thumbs up from me! :cheers:
  15. Sunny

    Salutations From Sweet VA.

  16. Sunny

    10 songs (videos)

    9. Raining In My Heat - Buddy Holly O2UVg8-Jtps
  17. Sunny


  18. Sunny

    Redding Fire

    Well that is good news Jake! So glad you and your home are OK. :cheers:
  19. Sunny

    Redding Fire

    The Redding fire has been on the news here and looks really very bad. Let us know how you are Jake. Thinking of you.
  20. Sunny

    Redding Fire

    As long as you are safe Jake that's all that matters. Horrendous time for the residents of your town. Let us know how things are with regard to your house. F*cking awful things wildfires/bushfires.

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