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  1. LostDecade

    Motley Crue (Official Thread)

    I'm gonna stop posting for fear of posting 2 much. 1 more post.
  2. LostDecade

    The "Official" Power Ballad thread

  3. LostDecade

    Favorite "Talk box" songs

    I'm not being an asshole..I think i know what you're talking about now. You ment Auto-tune?
  4. LostDecade

    Favorite "Talk box" songs

    Whammy Bar for the voice?
  5. LostDecade

    Favorite "Talk box" songs

    I don't understand this thread.
  6. LostDecade

    It's A 70's Prog-Off!

    Kansas... You're cruising down the main drag... which tune would you roll the windows down for?
  7. LostDecade

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    No, Imo the vocals suck. Outstanding guitar and drums. I'm not gonna kiss your ass just because you're a mod.
  8. LostDecade

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    Outstanding until they attempt to sing.
  9. LostDecade

    Site slowness

    Simple maintenance on your PC goes a long way. If you're not tech savy enough to do it on your own; I thought I might offer some 1 click cures. Ccleaner & Gu5 are outstanding free software. When I said "Don't ever update". That was ment for Ccleaner..if you do, you'll update to a 14 day paid...
  10. LostDecade

    Stoner Music

    I don't like it..I Love It! bookmarked. That's some twisted shit.
  11. LostDecade

    Sexy Women in Music II

    Lita Ford and Joan Jett both performed with? ~Runaways. I gotta pick 1 for guitar solo hottie? Pfft...Lita.
  12. LostDecade

    The "Official" Power Ballad thread

    I've heard it 100000 times and still love it.
  13. LostDecade

    Stoner Music

  14. LostDecade

    1 Hit Wonders Of The 80's

    Smooth up in ya.
  15. LostDecade

    The "Official" Power Ballad thread

    You can only do so many POWER BALLADS. There's not that was a lost decade.
  16. LostDecade

    Your Favorite Rock/Power Ballad?

    It's the #1 Power ballad by default. Only tune in the WORLD that's overlooked by mods in ANY Rock forum for spamming. It's that bad-ass. You could loop it for a year and still love it.
  17. LostDecade

    Favorite Guitar Solos Of All Time

    Who doesn't like ~~~~~Whammy bars? CC Deville
  18. LostDecade

    Acoustic songs of the 70's

    Ripp~~n the sax too.
  19. LostDecade

    Stoner Music

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