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  1. mystic fred

    STRAY-Time Machine: A Discography.

    I used to see Stray when they visited my local pub The Oldfield Tavern around 1970 / 71 (this was the place where Keith Moon met the Who, pub now a block of flats...) - i remember those exploding dustbins, a great night had by all. I bought their first album the next day, they reached their...
  2. mystic fred

    The King of Progressive Metal.

    Seen DT and Opeth live, both utterly amazing, nice Riverside get a mention, fabulous band :) .
  3. mystic fred

    Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (2008)

    Re: Chinese Democracy ~~~ Guns N' Roses The development of a band or artist is a journey - after 28 or so years Axl could hardly measure up to G'n'R's "Appetite.." could he? Just take "Chinese Democracy" for what it is, a finely crafted rock album from a star that still glimmers with more...
  4. mystic fred

    The Bad Plus

    Voila....:grinthumb 8bRb-HzPKBA Ar30KyQFnIc&feature=related and a rare Radiohead cover... U66ZBGaGd1I&feature=related and one of their own...."Keep The Bugs Off Your Glass And The Bears Off Your Ass" tuN87v8ySpo
  5. mystic fred

    The Bad Plus

    The three gentlemen of The Bad Plus- Ethan Iverson on Piano, Reid Anderson on Bass and Dave King on drums, have made some amazing music over the last ten years, drawing on many influences often by way of cover songs from Heavy Metal, Grunge, Pop, Classical and of course Jazz. Their off-beat...
  6. mystic fred

    40 years ago today...we lost Jimi

    In 1970 I was very shocked and sad that the life of such a genius as Jimi could end so unnecessarily, he was still only beginning... During a visit to Hard Rock Cafe in London a few years ago the curator handed me a slightly battered and rusty Gibson flying vee guitar that once belonged to...
  7. mystic fred

    Hippy "psychedelic" songs

    m_NholHANoY A7F2X3rSSCU 0tDgzBd2hD4&feature=fvw sqzZUJN-jfI&feature=related q-NpJqOrYc0&feature=fvsr
  8. mystic fred

    Aerosmith: A Band Members Journey

    Re: Aerosmith September 2010 Band of the Month Still stonkin' after all these years :cheers2
  9. mystic fred

    Charlie Watts Blasts Beatles and Elvis

    The Rolling Stones and the Beatles were mates and sometimes played on each others records, as for Charlie's comment about the Stones being an "annoying pastime" i'm sure his tongue was well in his cheek here, a dry sense of humour maybe lost on some, though Charlie is still with the band after...
  10. mystic fred

    Obscure Gems From The "Classic" Prog/Rock Era

    "Born Again" was awful..."Somebody's Watching" (1973) was a very good album and well worthy of a space amongst the others... w11sBIT97ds&feature=related
  11. mystic fred

    Obscure Gems From The "Classic" Prog/Rock Era

    Let's have a better look at that sleeve art... corny, but much better than the original...? 1BNMAq0D9w4 KXNRL4T-0wo&feature=related and just for fun... 6A7uFSbRJ5w
  12. mystic fred

    Uriah Heep (Official Thread)

    Re: Uriah Heep Heep are something of an institution in the UK and have a very strong following, here's one of their typically British songs... :D 6Pdi4HHVBVM&feature=related
  13. mystic fred

    Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier" headed for #1 in UK and US?

    Some divided opinion about this album from Maiden fans - reminds me of the "Nostradamus" debacle a year or two ago, damn fine album that was, and i just might add "The Final Frontier" to my library if the music, yes music, is as good as the promos/samples suggest - top hole chaps! :grinthumb .
  14. mystic fred

    Led Zeppelin

    Re: Led Zeppelin Band of the Month, Nov 2009 On a TV interview with Robert this morning he made it very clear he would not be rejoining Led Zeppelin and was happy with his present project with "Band of Joy", a very different animal from LZ but a very nice album indeed...
  15. mystic fred

    Budgie (Official Thread)

    Re: Budgie Never really cared much for their early stuff, too derivative at the time (which can be said of many bands) but they sound much more interesting now, though "Power Supply" and "Nightflight" are classic rock albums... the follow up to Night Flight "Deliver us from Evil"...
  16. mystic fred

    Female bands/artists of the 70's

    Rock Goddess formed in 1977 - you wouldn't argue with these three, now would you...? ..they're from Wandswerf... . Qv4jiw5XXNg jLwnoScjnQU&feature=related
  17. mystic fred

    Electric Eden (new book about Brit folk-rock)

    Interesting book, though not a great fan of "hey-nonny-no / hark hark the lark" songs i still value England's folk heritage and applaud those who strive to preserve it. where did i leave that Hurdey-Gurdey...:tongue: .
  18. mystic fred

    rate my drumming

    :rolleyes: Keep practicing...and remember your rudiments :tongue: . igSvAIDqr8Q
  19. mystic fred

    Led Zeppelin

    Re: Led Zeppelin Band of the Month, Nov 2009 They've all been very busy since 1980, especially Robert who 's a little bit too busy today to think about Led Zep...
  20. mystic fred

    Forgotten Bands of the Sixties

    3MRDW9sEBkg A6KfhmDDyiU&feature=related fe65IdPCy1w SE2YQMndU6g
  21. mystic fred

    The Mars Volta

    ...a challenging listen for anybody, though compelling. The band have such a mixture of influences and styles, the melodic mixed with the chaotic, they manage to make it all work so well, though i 'm still only taking in the first two albums... .
  22. mystic fred

    I'm new and I play the guitar.

    Nice playing :cheers2 .
  23. mystic fred

    Stevie Ray Vaughan (Official Thread)

    Re: Stevie Ray Vaughn Helicopters, Aeroplanes, Motorbikes, fast cars...all very dangerous ways to travel...
  24. mystic fred


    Always thought the singer sounded a lot like Roger Chapman of Family, their classic album "First Utterance", originally on the Dawn label in 1971, has been reissued on CD and Vinyl. CROEUt0VerM&feature=related
  25. mystic fred

    Argent (Official Thread)

    Re: Argent Argent was one of my favourite bands in the early 70's, shame i never got to see them but they made one of the best live albums ever recorded...

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