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  1. Jimmy The Finger

    Uriah Heep (Official Thread)

    Saw these guys a number of times back in the day. The song that always slayed me was "High Priestess."
  2. Jimmy The Finger

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    Veranda, title track from Christine Lakeland's first solo album
  3. Jimmy The Finger

    Best Album of 1970.

    Also in 1970: Ya-Ya's, Live at Leeds, Band of Gypsies, Idlewild South by the Allmans and Back in The USA from the MC5 and Dave Mason's Alone Together. Any wonder why Classic Rock RULES!
  4. Jimmy The Finger

    Best Album of 1970.

    Excuse me, but 1970 saw the release of Layla by Derek & The Dominos, which is the best album ever recorded with electric guitars. Number on on the list of "Perfect" Classic Rock albums according to Classic Rock Forever (dot com)...
  5. Jimmy The Finger

    Top 10 Drummers

    Just saw something on internet about the Top 10 best performances on drums, but it was BS since they did not include Santana's Michael Shrieve doing "Soul Sacrifice" at Woodstock or Keith Moon's "Magic Bus" off Live at Leeds
  6. Jimmy The Finger

    I Love This Song: “Samba Pa Ti”

    Just posted a new article on my website, Classic Rock Forever, the "Top !10 Songs You (Probably) Never Heard" in which I cite the Ottmar Leibert version on which Carlos plays lead. You should check it out. 4. "Samba Pa Ti" Ottmar Liebert Solo Para Ti Hell and gone from Classic Rock, Ottmar...
  7. Jimmy The Finger

    Whiskey Blues.. Roots Of Rock And Roll

    I love the stuff from The Immediate Sessions, Jimmy Page playing rhythm so Eric Clapton could practice his blues licks.
  8. Jimmy The Finger


    One of the truly under-rated vocalists in Rock History. Many don't know Jimmy Page did lead on this track.
  9. Jimmy The Finger

    Top 10 Drummers

    Ronnie Dio told me Ian Paice of Deep Purple was "a clock." Don't know if you can give a better compliment to a drummer.
  10. Jimmy The Finger

    What Are You Listening To? Redux (No Videos)

    Bob Seger's first great album.
  11. Jimmy The Finger

    How important are rock critics?

    I WAS a Rock Critic and I can tell you that Critics ARE NOT important. Artists are important. At least, some of them. Critics have a place, but it's not being critical. The people that pass judgement on an artist's work, say it's good or bad, are out of line. When I reviewed albums I tried to...
  12. Jimmy The Finger

    Driving Music -Seeking Suggestions - Highway Songs

    Wow. Nobody mentions "Radar Love" Also "Towards The Sun" by Climax Blues Band Back in the day I drove cross-country a couple times, found listening to Bob Seger was rather useful.
  13. Jimmy The Finger

    Best Cover Songs Redux

    Rod Stewart early doing Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  14. Jimmy The Finger

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    Jimmy Page playing rhythm guitar so Eric Clapaton can practice his slow blues licks
  15. Jimmy The Finger

    How Ritchie Blackmore Met Jon Lord

    Yes, I am trying to get some help, get some people to my site. Something wrong with that? If the situation works out I will likewise try to send eyes back to CRF, like I promote RBP, feeling like Classic Rock Fans are one big community. RBP is a pay site, but they are great guys who are actually...
  16. Jimmy The Finger

    How Ritchie Blackmore Met Jon Lord

    Great story Ritchie told me. Out of his mouth into my ear (and cassette recorder). Interview and audio posted on *********** and also on site I curate -- Classic Rock Forever (dot com) Administrator edit: we do not allow sites to be posted that requires fees from members.
  17. Jimmy The Finger

    Greetings Earthlings

    Just signed up for Forum. Rock Journalist back in day. Many, many articles posted on Rock's Back Pages (dot com). Byline Jim Esposito Admin Edit: Rock’s Back Pages charges membership fees.

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