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  1. Buff

    Memories of songs in altered states of mind =)

    LOL, I just posted Post Toastee on recognizable guitar riffs and it brought me back to Chatuaqua park in Boulder Colorado (my hometown) where Tommy Bolin returned home to roost and play, we *walked* all the way up--prolly 3 miles or so up rather steep BlueBell Mountain to watch the show from...
  2. Buff

    top 5 most recognizible guitar riffs

    YouTube - Tommy Bolin- Private Eyes Track - 3 Post Toastee
  3. Buff

    Top Keyboard Wizards

    in no particular order.... Rich Wright Steve Winwood, particularly the Traffic material Ray Manzarek and his "cheesy organ" (his words...snerk) Keith Emerson Rich Tandy Jon Lord ....and yes the "pianomen" Stevie Wonder, Elton and Billy Joel
  4. Buff

    The Worst Musical Decade?

    Oops, I voted before I read the original post, but gawd, I just CAN NOT STAND a whole lot from the 80's. Everyone wanted to look and sound like Zeppelin or Duran Duran (urp) and the radio in those days was sooooooo.....playlist-y....I swear I heard That's All by Genesis 9 times in one day! I'm...
  5. Buff

    Greatest Rock Lullabyes!

    I think it's cool, I'll play.... Naturally Dream Weaver by Gary Wright Imagine - John Lennon Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton In My Life - The Beatles Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Floyd Drive - Cars Desperado - Eagles Dust in the Wind - Kansas...
  6. Buff

    top 5 most recognizible guitar riffs

    Snort....I think all my tops are already listed here, but this one just came to mind... YouTube - ‪Cheech & Chong Earache My Eye‬‎ LMAO, what memories
  7. Buff

    Cover Songs You Hate

    Snicker, cool conversation going......on with the topic, here's another glittering jewel: <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  8. Buff

    Cover Songs You Hate

    I couldn't even watch the whole thing.....GAAAAAAAK! :puke:
  9. Buff

    Favourites by Artist - List 21

    Snerk, k I'll play! Frankie Avalon - Can't Take My Eyes Off you (first song that came to my head when my daughter was born ;)) Blood, Sweat & Tears - Spinning Wheel Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young) - Suite Judy Blue Eyes Dixie Cups - err, none thanks Dr. Hook - Teehee----Cover Of...
  10. Buff

    Top 10 Songs: Pink Floyd

    Oh gosh......k I'll play 1. Wish You Were Here 2. Breathe 3. Brain Damage/Eclipse 4. Great Gig In The Sky 5. Run Like Hell 6. Us and Them 7. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 8. One Slip 9. Have A Cigar 10. Welcome to the Machine
  11. Buff

    Cover Songs You Hate

    oh my lord, what is up with this???? <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  12. Buff

    Rock movies & documentaries

    Of course, I have to mention The Kids Are Alright and Dazed and Confused, didn't one of your local all-nighter theaters always run one of these movies in the dead of night, as well as Rocky Horror Halloween week???? I also have a copy of an old Rolling Stone 25 years of Rock and Roll hosted...
  13. Buff

    Cover Songs You Hate

    K, I didn't see this topic anywhere....I'll start, Come Together by Aerosmith. Also didn't much like Knocking on Heaven's Door by GNR (never been a GNR fan) nor Korn's version of Another Brick in The Wall, somehow those are just....sacreligious....ya know?
  14. Buff

    Songs You Like From Groups You Are Generally Lukewarm About!

    Riding The Storm out by REO Speedwagon.
  15. Buff

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What Are You Listening To Vol. 6 Velvet Underground and Nico......Venus in Furs
  16. Buff

    The Who (Official Thread)

    Re: The New Official Who Thread I think the older members may remember I was the resident Who stronghold here for a longtime, I love it all, from Happy Jack to Magic Bus to My Generation to Tommy to Quadrophrenia (you know you're a true Who fan if you have this album, understand it and even...
  17. Buff

    Albums you played tirelessly, as a kid.

    oh God....DSOTM of course, The Wall, Zep IV, Tommy, Rumours, Toys In The Attic, Animals, Who's Next, Some Girls, Hotel Califonia, LA Woman, Bad Company, Rust Never Sleeps......are some that come to mind. I was one of those who always had music on when I could so I was spinning lots of stuff.
  18. Buff

    Memories of songs in altered states of mind =)

    snerk, I just thought of another one, Tube Snake Boogie. I was at a rather uptight religious summer camp off-schedule with some friends getting high at the tower. On the way back, my best friend and I were hood surfing, boom box blasting ZZ Top when we spot two girls--sisters--one with a...
  19. Buff

    What bands do you wish would get back together?

    Pink Floyd, and make the rounds just one more time.
  20. Buff

    Memories of songs in altered states of mind =)

    Oh gawd, Hendrix and acid, Purple Haze---no kidding, he musta been on it when writing it, eh? LOL I was on the school grounds listening to my Walkman that played *cassette tapes*, now that I've just aged myself. My friend swore there was a swarm of bees overhead even though it was 20 degrees...
  21. Buff

    Memories of songs in altered states of mind =)

    So talking with Lord Grendel about songs stuck in your head got me thinking....what are some vivid song memories you have while in....erm....altered states of mind? Meaning hearing that song takes you right back to that place in time and the "altered state"? I already posted about sitting in...
  22. Buff

    The song stuck in your head thread!

    Rock Show - Wings
  23. Buff

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Re: What Are You Listening To Vol. 6 LMAO, Floyd's "Breathe" on 'shrooms, I was in a friend's room, she had some rather loud old wallpaper and she painted the Floyd prism on her ceiling, i swear I could smell the colors, and geez, I remember it like it was yesterday. Hmmm, could be an...
  24. Buff

    Most overrated rock artists of all time?

    STING :puke:
  25. Buff

    The Craziest Person In Music?

    Um, yea, as a die hard Who fan Keith gets my vote as well. Morrison was out there a bit too.

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