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  1. Nirvanadude

    How did you find CRF?

    Me too Fever! This is diezman
  2. Nirvanadude

    Best Led Zeppelin Album?

    Physical Graffiti followed closely by III
  3. Nirvanadude

    The end of AC/DC?

    I'll believe it when I read an official statement from the band.
  4. Nirvanadude

    Karaoke and You

    I ran a karaoke/DJ business for 15 years. Karaoke is a pain in the ass - too many drunks! I hated it. It was cute for a little while but got really old (and annoying) in a hurry. Glad that I made enough to retire the business. I still do (DJ) a wedding or two for close friends and relatives...
  5. Nirvanadude

    Houston... we have a problem.. not!

    Hello and Welcome!! Pull up a chair, grab a beer and enjoy!
  6. Nirvanadude

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Incredible! Paul played a bit of everything - Solo, Wings, The Beatles and even did a Jimi Hendrix cover of Fire:)
  7. Nirvanadude

    The Beatles vs Led Zeppelin

    The greatest album of all time by the greatest band of all time. I love Led Zeppelin but this isn't even remotely close for me
  8. Nirvanadude

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    My son Erick and I at the Paul McCartney concert in Milwaukee last summer
  9. Nirvanadude

    Happy Birthday About A Girl!

    Hope you had a great day Deja!
  10. Nirvanadude

    Hello again!

    Nice to be back! Haven't been here in quite some time. Nice to see new folks here as well as some old friends:) diezman
  11. Nirvanadude

    Rock's Unanswerable Questions

    There would be rumors and rumors of a Stones reunion. They would probably agree to a one-time summer tour co-headlining with Jimi Hendrix in the 90s. They would all have successful solo careers. They would reunite for a small tour in Europe with great success. They would then play in the U.S...
  12. Nirvanadude

    Name All the Bands You've Seen Live

    Not too many come up to this neck of the woods. Considering that I'm 40 I haven't seen too many. 38 Special Steppenwolf Huey Lewis & The News Billy Rankin Poison Billy Satelite Night Ranger Mamas Boys Krokus Keel Kiss WASP Dokken Cheap Trick Loverboy Journey Styx REO...
  13. Nirvanadude

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Winners And Losers - Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
  14. Nirvanadude

    Blue Öyster Cult - your top 10

    Hard to choose because I love just about every song they recorded. Anyway- a desert island CD! Transmaniacon MC Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver Divine Wind Fallen Angel Shooting Shark Del Rio's Song ME 262 The Revenge of Vera Gemini Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicktime Girl)...
  15. Nirvanadude

    popular bands that you hate

    Radiohead Beck Dave Matthews Blood, Sweat & Tears
  16. Nirvanadude

    popular bands that you hate

    Grateful Dead - I really wanted to like them but I just can't handle 20 minute jam sessions. Boring as hell IMO. Radiohead - Another group I really wanted to like. Boring! Beck - See above comment.
  17. Nirvanadude

    Loudest Show You've Ever Attended

    Blue Oyster Cult with the Tubes opening. My ears are still ringing!! The sound was nice and clear too - no distortion and clipping whatsoever.
  18. Nirvanadude


    It's a matter of taste my friend- I just happen to enjoy Pete Townshend's work more than some of the others :cheers:
  19. Nirvanadude


    Other - Jeff Beck from the list it's a tossup between Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend
  20. Nirvanadude

    Hello, I forgot to intro myself

    Hello and Welcome!
  21. Nirvanadude

    Recommend Something New

    John Mayer - Continuum some great guitar work and a great cover of Jimi Hendrix' Axis- Bold As Love
  22. Nirvanadude

    That Could Have Been A Beatles Song!

    Yes, quite a brilliant song indeed with obvious Beatles influences. I love to crank this one up on my 20 minute commute to work in the morning. Definately a "feel good" song. Most everything that Tears For Fears has put out is outstanding.
  23. Nirvanadude

    That Could Have Been A Beatles Song!

    Didn't the Beatles discover Badfinger?
  24. Nirvanadude

    Is it me, or is this forum dead most of the time?

    Thanks Shaggy! Great to be back!
  25. Nirvanadude

    That Could Have Been A Beatles Song!

    I always thought "It's Love" by Kings X could have been a Beatles song.

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