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  1. GoogaMooga

    Santana (Official Thread)

    Throughout the 1980s I was a rabid Santana fan; I dare say they kept me sane in a decade that musically has been likened to a car crash. Seen them nine times in all, own the run on CD, and will probably remain loyal till Carlos hangs up the guitar. Best: Abraxas, Caravanserai. Weakest: Brothers...
  2. GoogaMooga

    Elephant Man - any good?

    My favorite shop got a heap of used reggae in, and among the titles were a couple by Elephant Man, one of the few artists in the bunch that I'd even heard of. Any fans here? Any good? Worth a punt?
  3. GoogaMooga

    Dick Dale (Official Thread)

    Seen him live twice, last time at a venue so small, I had to move right to the back to spare my ears, so all I could see was his head bopping above the crowd. The stage was simply too low. I love Dick Dale and that "wet" reverb he can create, going for the full run, but one album in particular...
  4. GoogaMooga

    The first rock song.

    rocket 88 is "officially" the first rock and roll song, unofficially it would be fats domino's first single, the fat man, from 49, only it was called rhythm and blues back then, they did not make a distinction. and alan freed (if it was him) only coined the term rock and roll later.
  5. GoogaMooga

    Chuck Berry (Official Thread)

    looking over the discography, there are a couple of 70s albums that i am missing, other than that i am covered, with chess in fact twice over (just in case). he is my hero, saw him live eight times, but the last time he visited denmark, i didn't go, and the review said he flopped badly. so time...
  6. GoogaMooga

    deathbed masterpiece mozart requiem

    sorry, mistake, the eloquence edition has the FULL requiem, the excerpt is from another piece, vesperae solennes de confessore
  7. GoogaMooga

    deathbed masterpiece mozart requiem

    is this the greatest classical work ever composed? so exalted, so spiritual, so dignified. choral and soprano vocal. mine is the deutsche grammophon, abridged eloquence issue, not definitive perhaps, but picked it up today for a mere 25 pence, karajan in full force. there are better recordings...
  8. GoogaMooga

    Jeff Lynne to perform ELO songs with orchestra at comeback show

    exciting news, thanks for posting! i'll third the hold on tight and all over the world. having only ever seen elo mark ii at a festival, this will be a treat. hope they make it to denmark, i believe they have a solid fan base here. if elo ii could play here, so can jeff lynne & co.
  9. GoogaMooga

    Roy Orbison (Official Thread)

    elvis may have been artist of the century, but even the greatest have their own idols, role models, if you will. to elvis it was roy orbison. the king would always be asking his manager or anyone in the know, "what's roy orbison doing?". he knew he was facing stiff competition. any of you...
  10. GoogaMooga

    Survivor lead singer Jimi Jamison has died

    RIP to a great AOR frontman. i never delved deeper than eye of the tiger, and it is sad that it takes a death to remind me of this neglect. eye of the tiger blasted out of rocky iii and i found it the perfect training song, sort of a "gonna fly now" for the 80s.
  11. GoogaMooga

    Kinks Reunion May Happen Without Dave Davies

    if the beach boys factions could reunite for their 50th, i feel sure dave will come round. i'd certainly go. saw ray twice, once in a small club, and had i not been tricked out of my ticket stub, i'd have gotten an autograph. i basically stood right in front of the man!
  12. GoogaMooga

    greetings from denmark

    thanks again, guys, for a hearty welcome! say, it's quite an international place you've got here!
  13. GoogaMooga

    Elton John not retiring

    i wouldn't be so sure, elton's voice is pretty shot, and it's a question of how much longer he can remain a top dollar concert attraction. might just check him out on the fall gybr tour, who knows if it'll be the last.
  14. GoogaMooga

    Tony Iommi All For Tom Jones Collaboration

    exciting news! i collect tom jones and have seen him live several times. if he will spring a pat boone on us and go heavy metal, i'm all behind it! and i'm not even a metal fan! nice to know that tom jones is not considered to be a bellowing moose here.
  15. GoogaMooga

    greetings from denmark

    Thanks guys! :) I really like all the various sub-forums you've got, easy to navigate, and you are sure to address the right people who might be interested in your topic of choice! GoogaMooga
  16. GoogaMooga

    greetings from denmark

    thanks, man! lovely forum! :)
  17. GoogaMooga

    greetings from denmark

    hello! i am GoogaMooga, i am danish, and i love oldies. been referred to this site because i love oldies. to me, the golden age is all good stuff. i also enjoy later music, in fact my taste in music is very broad - too broad, some might say! looking forward to sharing music with you all...

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