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  1. Roxi

    My intro. to say hello

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here. What a day to join CRF: the day we lost EVH.
  2. Roxi

    EDDIE VAN HALEN Dead At 65

    Shocked and saddened, regardless of Eddie's health problems. Nothing prepares you as a fan for losing a legend like EVH. I'm so sad that he had suffered for so long, especially sad for Wolfgang to lose his Dad, and of course Alex, the other VH bro. One of the toppermost rock guitarists! RIP...
  3. Roxi

    Iconic song battle! Lizzy vs. Aero

    The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
  4. Roxi

    Uriah Heep and Ozzy Osbourne drummer Lee Kerslake dead at 73

    :rip: Lee A fine Englishman and a great drummer.
  5. Roxi

    Iconic album battle! Priest vs. Purple

    Burn by a long shot.
  6. Roxi

    QUIET RIOT's FRANKIE BANALI In Recovery After Suffering Stroke

    Best wishes to Frankie in this brutal battle.
  7. Roxi

    Iron Maiden, Deep Purple Producer Martin Birch Dead at 71

    WTH 2020, 71 is too young! As a Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore fan, this news saddens me personally. What a loss of such an amazing contribution to the world of rock. RIP Martin and fly with the angels above.
  8. Roxi

    Man Of The World...Dies at 73.

    Peter Green co-founded Fleetwood Mac, so yeah, he had a huge part of influencing the music world and his talent was highly regarded and notable. A soul who deserves to rest in peace.
  9. Roxi

    Battle of the classics The Mamas And The Papas vs. The Byrds

    All the leaves are brown And the sky is grey
  10. Roxi

    Listen to a New Metallica Song Written by a Bot

    I like it! Yo! Lyrics actually make sense.
  11. Roxi

    Powerhouse Song Battle...

    Ramble On by Led Zeppelin
  12. Roxi

    What's your favorite Beatles song?

    Nearly impossible for me to choose one favorite! There's too many tracks that could land in that category. I will say the Rubber Soul album is my favorite.
  13. Roxi

    Bring the Heat

  14. Roxi

    Iconic album battle! Aero vs. Alice

    To be honest, I'd stopped listening to AC by 1989; the whole original band except frontman Alice were gone. But since I still like Alice, and am not an Aerosmith fan, I voted for Trash. Impressive Additional Personnel lineup! Steven Tyler – vocals (track 5) Jon Bon Jovi – vocals (track 8) Kip...
  15. Roxi

    Bad Company VS Foreigner

    Bad Co
  16. Roxi

    Best Traffic Live Album

    Welcome to the Canteen
  17. Roxi

    The Who - Substitute vs. Rolling Stones - Get Off of My Cloud?

    The Stones on this one. Marginally.
  18. Roxi

    CCR vs. Cream?

    The Cream (of The Crop)
  19. Roxi

    Led Zeppelin album battle!

  20. Roxi

    Listen to an AC/DC Song Written by Artificial Intelligence

    Makes sense to me! Sounds great!
  21. Roxi

    Lightning Strikes....

  22. Roxi

    Lightning Strikes....

  23. Roxi

    Lightning Strikes....

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