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    New Rock Song...."Love Waits"

    Thats pretty cool, I always liked his voice but never heard him do this style and it sounds very natural for him.
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    What Song Has Your Favorite Lyrics?

    Great choice !!
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    "The King!" Elvis Presley (Official Thread)

    This has always been one of my favorites. He was in such good voice for this Engagement.
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    New Greta Van Fleet Album Due in Early 2020

    They have a solid fan base, not many real newer Rock acts left
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    David Lee Roth Reportedly Set to Open for Kiss on Farewell Tour

    Im waiting for the "End of The Universe" Tour ....:greenie:
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    Looking ahead to 2020

    Who are they getting to sing the new Bon Jovi album?. he is toast.......(truth)
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    New Rock Song...."Love Waits"

    This definitely Rocks! The Voice sounds familiar is That Chris Sligh who was on American Idol ? Great Vocals !
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    Heart - Dog & Butterfly (1978)

    Great Review!!
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    Favorite Bridge In A Song

    I second Crazy On You! Fabulous Bridge!
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    "The King!" Elvis Presley (Official Thread)

    Yes would have been incredible. But I think I would take the first comeback show in 69 Vegas first ...:)

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