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  1. FretBuzz

    What are the worst band names ever?

    Back when AC/DC first started getting known in my neck of the woods, a lot of people were suspicious of their name too. A couple more horrible names: The Jesus Lizard TurboNegro
  2. FretBuzz

    Great Bands That Would Be Better If They Had A Better Singer

    Great point and thanks for pointing that out. I knew that Perry was no longer in Journey, but haven't heard the new singer, and for that matter I haven't heard any recent material by these bands. In essence I was referring to the line-ups these bands are best known for. I'll add the Smashing...
  3. FretBuzz

    Great Bands That Would Be Better If They Had A Better Singer

    I wouldn't call these 'great' bands, but they'd listenable if they had a better singer: Foreigner Journey The Smiths Iron Maiden
  4. FretBuzz

    T. Rex (Official Thread)

    Re: T.Rex! Bought a used videotape of this this weekend: Watched it last night. Really interesting performances (wish they had mixed down the screaming girls between songs though, that was too shrill) Marc Bolan playing acoustic doing a medley of his stuff with a violin quartet was...
  5. FretBuzz

    3 songs that will kick your butt

    ^^^ Glad you liked those clips Kuaizi. The Hellacopters were a great band. Here's 3 tunes from a cd I just got....all cover tunes of old classics. Ministry ain't for everyone, but I think they rocked like a mother.... wpiAv3XkoGM 2_-XUQiTi1g DM7boGB38gs
  6. FretBuzz

    Who's got the blues?

    I think that Ronnie Earl is way underrated... J4mKC7AJyj8
  7. FretBuzz

    First metal band?

    This made me laugh. Segovia was a great guitarist, but he couldn't play rock. With rock, it's not just the notes you play, but the way you play them. Playing rock (or blues, or country) guitar is as physical as it is're fretting, squeezing, shaking, sliding, and bending with your...
  8. FretBuzz

    First metal band?

    You really don't know what you're talking about. Hendrix was using the 'devil's interval' in his music years before the first Black Sabbath album came out. And when Sabbath used it, that was Iommi playing it, not Ozzy. Of course I know that the devil's interval comes from medieval music. Duh...
  9. FretBuzz

    First metal band?

    If you'll read back over what I said more carefully, you'll see that I wasn't wrong. 'Mr Crowley' was recorded by OZZY after he left SABBATH. 'Mr. Crowley' is NOT a Sabbath tune, and Randy Rhoads NEVER played in Black Sabbath! Earlier I said that Blackmore was the first to blend classical...
  10. FretBuzz

    First metal band?

    ^^^^ Kirk likes to play solos in the harmonic minor mode a lot, which comes from classical music. (I love the way the harmonic minor sounds....) I agree to an extent. Metal is an outgrowth of rock 'n' roll, which came from combining the blues with country. The blues and country scales are...
  11. FretBuzz

    2012 Rolling Stones Farewell Tour???

    Whaaaa----? They're still the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band! But they ain't what they used to be, that's for sure. I think Mick has actually done a good job of keeping his voice in shape. When you're in your sixties, your voice just ain't gonna be the same as it was when you were in your...
  12. FretBuzz

    2012 Rolling Stones Farewell Tour???

    Sad news, but I can't say I'm surprised. Hope the ticket prices aren't even higher than they have been on the last couple of tours. edit: just found another story about this...
  13. FretBuzz

    Songs That You Like For Their Production

    The only Crue I've ever really heard was from this period, and I thought those records sounded terrible. Everything way too compressed, no dynamics... I agree with you about Bob Rock and Metallica. In that documentary about the making of St. Anger, he seemed as much like their therapist as...
  14. FretBuzz

    Kings of Leon abandon U.S. concert due to pigeon poop

    ^^^ I guess the pigeons don't like them either.
  15. FretBuzz

    First metal band?

    I get where you're coming from, and agree with you AAG. But there is zero classical influence in Black Sabbath, or Motorhead. Are you saying that they don't play heavy metal, because they aren't influenced by classical music? Classical music has definitely become a major influence in a...
  16. FretBuzz

    First metal band?

    Personally I don't think that metal has to have a classical influence to be considered metal, but it was a big evolutionary step in metal's sound. But you raise some good points- and this gives more credence to Magic's earlier mention of Deep Purple possibly being the first metal band - since...
  17. FretBuzz

    Best Australian Group

    AC/DC, Easybeats, Lime Spiders, Radio Birdman,& Jet for me. (cool trivia, that i bet a lot of you know already: Malcom & Angus' older brother George played in the Easybeats)
  18. FretBuzz

    Favourite Rolling Stones' albums - Part 1.

    Dang, hey I screwed up my vote Fox Hound! I voted for Aftermath, but meant to vote for Out of Our Heads (I'm still waking up...LOL). Can you change my vote? My other votes were: Beggars Banquet Let It Bleed Sticky Fingers Exile on Main Street
  19. FretBuzz

    Favourite Rolling Stones' albums - Part 2.

    My votes: Goat's Head IORR Some Girls Tattoo You Bridges to Babylon (my fave studio Stones disc from the past 20 years, thought I'd show it some love)
  20. FretBuzz

    Songs That You Like For Their Production

    I can't think of any individual songs that I like just for their production (I'm not fully awake yet...still drinking my morning coffee)...but I can think of some albums that I listen to mainly just for their production: Avalon by Roxy music...what a lush sound this album has. Teatro by Willie...
  21. FretBuzz

    Pop stars worse than Celine Dion?

    Same here! I could grab one under each arm. I'm 6'4" and 260 lbs. and it wouldn't be a problem.
  22. FretBuzz

    Pop stars worse than Celine Dion?

    Jeez, I think that Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, & Beyonce all look great. Don't care for their music at all, but I do like their looks quite a bit. I think Amy Winehouse is way more talented than all 3 of them put together, but she has turned into a God-awful, fugly skag in the past few...
  23. FretBuzz

    Bands That Were Good But Never Made a Great Album

    Well, there a re a couple of examples that come to mind. There was a local band called the Roys here in Atlanta in the early 80s. They were perhaps the best band here for a few years. They got a record deal, and cut an album...but the label went out of business before they could release it. The...
  24. FretBuzz

    Favourite Female Lead Singer Bands?

    I've been dropping a lot of famous names in my posts today, but I swear all my stories are true... A friend of mine used to live right next door to Kate Pierson of the B-52s. I was visiting him one day and parked out on the street...and there was Kate Pierson right there at her mailbox. She was...
  25. FretBuzz

    Worst song(s) by some of your favorite artists

    Emotional Rescue by the Stones. I hate Mick's singing on this one. Joe's Garage by Zappa. A lot of people love this one, but I've always thought it was fairly pedestrian...that kinda goes for the whole album, actually. Ha Ha Said the Clown by the Yardbirds (the singer Keith Relf is the only...

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