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  1. Sharp Dressed Man

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    The Iron Maidens are pretty cool. Especially Courtney Cox aka Adriana Smith. Nita Strauss, who plays with Alice Cooper now, was also in the band for a while. I'd recommend picking up their DVD "The Iron Maidens - Metal Gathering Tour - Live In Japan 2010", but it's probably hard to find these...
  2. Sharp Dressed Man

    Guns 'n' Roses release 2nd "new" single Hard Skool

    When it comes to Guns, I think I always hope for more which also makes me more critical. That being said, I quite like this track and I think it'll grow on me.
  3. Sharp Dressed Man

    Cody Jinks

    New track:
  4. Sharp Dressed Man

    Joe Bonamassa (Official Thread)

    That's awersome. Which albums did you buy?
  5. Sharp Dressed Man

    Samantha Fish

    Love to hear that E-Z. Unfortunately the vinyl pressing of the new album was delayed, so I'm still waiting for my copy. In terms of her older stuff, the further back you go, you'll find that Samantha started out playing straight up blues - I think you'll especially enjoy her first three albums.
  6. Sharp Dressed Man

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    This just came... Sierra Ferrell – Long Time Coming (First colored run on fruit punch vinyl, autographed)
  7. Sharp Dressed Man

    Samantha Fish

    Here's the official video for "Faster":
  8. Sharp Dressed Man

    Anticipated Albums of 2020/2021/2022

    I held a copy of the box set in my hands a couple of days ago. It looks great in person and I was very tempted, but in the end I decided to only get the vinyl as planned.
  9. Sharp Dressed Man

    Mama Mia! New music from ABBA after 35 years

    When I first heard the announcement I honestly feared the worst, but thankfully both songs are absolutely worthy of being called Abba songs!
  10. Sharp Dressed Man

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    Picked this up yesterday.... Sturgill Simpson- Cuttin' Grass Vol 2, The Cowboy Arms Sessions LP (Indie Exclusive Glow In The Dark Cover & Blue & White Swirl Vinyl) As can be seen a couple of pages back in this thread, I picked up the album on black vinyl a while back, but I couldn't resist...
  11. Sharp Dressed Man

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    Delivered this morning.... John R. Miller - Depreciated (Hardwood Vinyl, signed, limited to 500 copies worldwide)
  12. Sharp Dressed Man

    Cody Jinks

    Here's the track list, artwork and a new song: 1. All It Cost Me Was Everything 2. Hurt You 3. Mercy 4. Feeding The Flames 5. I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore 6. Like a Hurricane 7. How It Works 8. Nobody Knows How to Read 9. Shoulders 10. Dying Isn’t Cheap 11. Roll 12. When Whiskey Calls The...
  13. Sharp Dressed Man

    Connie Smith

    80-year old Connie Smith has just released a record called "The Cry of the Heart" - her 54th studio album and her first in a decade!!! I haven't gotten my copy yet, but judging by the songs I've heard on YouTube, it's a good one! TRACK LIST: A Million And One Look Out Heart Spare Me No...
  14. Sharp Dressed Man

    Cody Jinks

    Cody has announced a new album called "Mercy". The album will drop on November 12. The track list + artwork will be revealed on August 30.
  15. Sharp Dressed Man

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    Apart from some pending pre-orders, I haven't had much time for records this past month, but I did pick this one up: Khatia Buniatishvili ‎– Labyrinth
  16. Sharp Dressed Man

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    I think I prefer the first single, but I like 'em both. Really looking forward to the new album!
  17. Sharp Dressed Man

    Charlie Watts RIP

    This year has been relentless.... R.I.P. Charlie.
  18. Sharp Dressed Man

    Halestorm (Official Thread)

    Here's a brand new single from Halestorm:
  19. Sharp Dressed Man

    Guns N’ Roses Officially Release New Song ‘Absurd’

    If there's any other leftover material from Chinese Democracy, I hope they stay away from it. Apart from the guitars, I honestly think the new/old track is terrible.
  20. Sharp Dressed Man

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    John Prine ‎– September 78
  21. Sharp Dressed Man

    ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Dies

  22. Sharp Dressed Man

    Powerwolf (Official Thread Re-Do)

    I first read about them in a German metal magazine called Rock Hard, when their debut album came out. As a horror fan, their artwork and lyrics where immediately interesting to me and thankfully, I really enjoyed the music too. While they might not entirely re-write the genre, I think they have...

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