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  1. Dio Chevy

    Tony Martin

    I would also add Cross Purposes. I must admit that I don't know much about his work outside of Sabbath.
  2. Dio Chevy

    Tony Martin

    Which album was the best one to feature Tony Martin on vocals? It can be a Sabbath album or another album.
  3. Dio Chevy

    R.I.P. Speed King

    R.I.P. Speed King.
  4. Dio Chevy

    Persian Risk covers.

    I love the band Persian Risk. I searched YouTube for bands with any Persian Risk covers and couldn't find any. If anyone knows of any I'd like to know where I could find them.
  5. Dio Chevy

    What is the best Jackyl album?

    I want to get into Jackyl, but I haven't liked what I've found on Youtube so far. Any suggestions?
  6. Dio Chevy

    What country is the most avant-garde in radio play?

    I can't imagine it would be the U.S. I hate to say that, but I just can't see it.
  7. Dio Chevy

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    I'm getting into October 31.
  8. Dio Chevy

    Graeme Edge of The Moody Blues Dies aged 80

    R.I.P. Graeme Edge.
  9. Dio Chevy

    Charlie Watts RIP

    Rest in peace Charlie.
  10. Dio Chevy


    Hi Roxy, how's it going?
  11. Dio Chevy

    Ten Years After 1967-1974 box

    Thanks E-Z, I'll keep all this in mind.
  12. Dio Chevy

    Favorite 50's Singer.

    Either Elvis or Buddy Holly. Little Richard was awesome too.
  13. Dio Chevy

    Ten Years After 1967-1974 box

    I must confess that the only song of theirs that I know is Change the World, but I love that song and will explore their other works soon.
  14. Dio Chevy

    ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Dies

    R.I.P. Dusty, ZZ Top was awesome.
  15. Dio Chevy

    Happy 4th July!

    Another belated happy Independence Day.
  16. Dio Chevy

    TONY IOMMI Says Original Tapes For BLACK SABBATH's 'Born Again' Album Have Been Found: 'I'm Thinking Of Remixing' It

    I wish the sound was a little different, but I still will get a copy when I find one.
  17. Dio Chevy

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    I've been really into the first two UFO albums lately.
  18. Dio Chevy

    The Link Wray Way.

    Nice, I'll check it out.
  19. Dio Chevy

    The Link Wray Way.

    I really didn't like the late '90's, but I'll check it out seeing as how Link was from a different era.
  20. Dio Chevy

    The heaviest Cinderella album.

    Thanks '70's, I'll Youtube it later.
  21. Dio Chevy

    What other bands would I like if I like classic metal, NWOBHM and thrash?

    I know they didn't sound perfect, but I'm a fan of Persian Risk. They were formed in Cardiff, Wales in 1979, but their only album wouldn't be released until 1986. They broke up and re-united and I think they may still be together. You really might want to Youtube them.
  22. Dio Chevy

    The Link Wray Way.

    Link Wray probably had the best performing act of anyone pre-Beatles. Rumble ruled.
  23. Dio Chevy

    The heaviest Cinderella album.

    I was watching DVDs today and I rewatched my 20th Century Masters 5 track Cinderella DVD. This got me to wondering what the heaviest Cinderella album was. Any input is welcome.
  24. Dio Chevy

    Rolling Stones _Decembers Children

    Thanks Nai, now I know.
  25. Dio Chevy

    Heart - Heart (1985)

    I love my copy of Little Queen. I really should get more CDs of Heart.

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