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    Shane MacGowan of The Pogues dies

    30th November 2023 Shane MacGowan the Irish singer/songwriter of The Pogues dies aged 65 RIP Shane
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    Black Oak Arkansas (Official Thread)

    I occasionally hear what young people listen to in the UK today which is either Hip Hop or 'rehashed rock' from current rock bands or female singers like Britney Spears or Adele and female singers like those two and I think to myself there is tons of great 1970s rock albums from the 'golden age'...
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    Mountain (Official Thread)

    I saw MOUNTAIN back in 2002 in central London and way after there 'golden age' between 1969-1974 anyway they were over in the UK promoting the 'Mystic Fire' album that featured Leslie on guitar & vocals and Corky (Laing) on drums along with Ritchie Scarlett on bass and backing vocals. Anyway at...
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    Black Oak Arkansas (Official Thread)

    I presume that the couple of remaining record shops in London in 2023 possibly either think that there is no demand or maybe have just overlooked ordering any of there cds?. Even mention of MOUNTAIN on another topic thread is pitiful because there is currently only 'one' Best of Mountain cd on...
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    The Clash (Official Thread)

    Apparently Mick Jones of The Clash is seen fairly often browsing around the FOPP record shop in London's west end and was also seen in the currently closed HMV shop before it was closed in 2019 on London's Oxford Street as well by the shop staff who told me that several years ago and no doubt he...
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    Black Oak Arkansas (Official Thread)

    You can't get any of there albums or even a compilation cd in the few remaining record shops in the UK unless you order from Amazon I guess?. I once saw a BOA compilation cd in a record shop in London town about 20 years ago and NEVER bought it and I have NEVER seen anything else of there's since!!.
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    Mountain (Official Thread)

    That is when the band were at a peak of performing during 1970-71 plus they had some great material on the first three albums MOUNTAIN CLIMBING, NANTUCKET SLEIGHRIDE and FLOWERS OF EVIL also I have a liking for the double-live album TWIN PEAKS (live in Japan 1973) and MOUNTAIN AVALANCHE. West...
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    Mountain (Official Thread)

    MOUNTAIN my all time favourite 1970s & 1980s North American heavy rock band, Leslie you are missed. Man's World I have it on cd and it's an ok album released in 1995 I think anyway my favourite song on the album is CREST OF A SLUMP turned up loud!!.
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    Dire Straits (Official Thread)

    Mark has been reported in the British media this week (22nd November 2023) regards him selling about 120 of his guitars and amps in auction with the proceeds from the sale going to charity. Mark also said that even though he is selling all his guitars he will probably go out and buy another 120...
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    Forgotten Bands of the Sixties

    Currently re-listening to all my TEN YEARS AFTER cd/albums that appeared on the Decca/Deram label between 1967 & 1969 and after a label switch the chrysalis record label between 1969 & 1975. This four piece British blues/rock band actually turned out some really good albums from about 1969...
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    The BEATLES (Official Thread)

    Yeah a bit weird for a day or two a couple of weeks ago that both the iconic British bands from the 1960s were being talked about in the same breath so all we needed to complete the picture was a unreleased Jimi Hendrix song going to the top of the British charts as well and would have been the...
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    The Clash (Official Thread)

    Actually it's not a bad album contrary to what some rock reviewers saying it wasn't as good as the first album.
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    Van Halen - Fair Warning (Rate This Album)

    Haven't heard the album for many years past but the one song that stood out for me was Unchained that I recall
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    AC/DC - For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (1981)

    I actually prefer the 80s AC/DC albums with Brian although the mid/late 1970s albums with Bon like Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Let There Be Rock, Powerage, Highway To Hell & AC/DC live album If You Want Blood You've Got It are classic albums
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    Doro/Warlock (Official Thread)

    Personally I liked the first two Warlock albums Burning The Witches and Hellbound which I once had both albums on cds back in the 1990s "I wouldn't kick Doro outta bed no way!!!." ;)
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    Jimi Hendrix Experience (Official Thread)

    As good as Electric Ladyland was and still is VERY GOOD I actually like Axis: Bold As Love the previous album better although most of Axis wasn't played live except for Spanish Castle Magic which Jimi included in his set to the very end in 1970 and Little Wing was played live a few times around...
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    Jimi Hendrix Experience (Official Thread)

    As you may already know Jake T the above film sequence of Jimi performing an early acoustic version of Hear My Train A coming on a 12 string guitar was filmed in London during early 1967 and was included in the film about Jimi Hendrix released by Warner Bros in 1973. In actual fact the 1973...
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Ha ha I didn't know the band was a 'joke' Santana band Ian mind you I was only about 13 or 14 years old at the time and just heard songs like this played on BBC radio one back in 1970-71
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    I don't know recgord27 I just remember hearing the Jig a Jig single being played on BBC radio one back then a long with the other top 30 UK singles that radio one played this was around 1970-71
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Ha ha yes Jig a Jig that song conjures up memories of my 2nd or 3rd year at secondary school circa 1970/71 anyway I knew that you would know Ian. Another single released around the same time as the East Of Eden Jig a Jig single was a song that also got into the British top 10 called TITANIC by a...
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    favorite song from the 60s

    I only listen to CREAM these days i.e. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker with some 'Jimi' and Rory Gallagher's Taste thrown in for good measure!!.
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    A band called EAST OF EDEN had a top 10 UK hit in 1970 or 1971 but I can't recall the name of the record?. Ian you probably remember it also the guy who played the 'fiddle' in the band was a friend of Keith Moon drummer in The Who and he also played the fiddle sequence on the Who's Baba O'Reilly...
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    ☆The Plenty Of 1970☆

    With regards to BBA that's BECK, BOGGERT & APPICE I recently bought the x4 cds 'live box set' featuring the rare Japanese double-live album from 1973 which I originally bought as a 'mint' double-vinyl album on Japanese import back in 1988 but subseqently sold it like a fool and the entire...
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    Black Sabbath (Official Thread)

    It was a bit weird at the time when Gillan joined Sabbath although the Born Again album is an ok album to listen to. When they played Reading back in 1983 and did Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water (as an encore I think?) that left many headbngers looking on non-plussed and confused??? :confused...
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    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    Keith Richards appeared on BBC radio 4 throughout the UK this morning (Tuesday 10th October 2023) and was featured in a 5 or 6 minutes pre-recorded interview between 7:40-7:46 am London time that took place a day or two ago and in it several issues were mentioned including Keith's guitar playing...

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