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  1. rtbuck

    Cowboy Mach Bell “Once a Rocker...” Diary book(Joe Perry)

    This book just came out and it looks like it will be one wild book! Cowboy Mach Bell was leadsinger of a 70’s rock band from the Boston area...Thundertrain. He then went on to be the lead vocalist for the Joe Perry Project from 1982-83. He kept a diary of those days with Joe Perry and this is...
  2. rtbuck

    Cover Or Original.

    I thought this was a pretty cool cover
  3. rtbuck

    Happy Birthday,Lynch!!

    Happy Birthday Lynch!!!!!!
  4. rtbuck

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    A few new cd' The Velostacks(a cool band from Texas I caught Live recently, The new Iggy Pop "Free" cd, Johnny Thunders & The Hearbreakers(a double cd of demos & live performances back when Richard Hell was the bass player & singer), & 2 cd's by another cool band I seen recently from NYC...
  5. rtbuck

    best punk rock song ever

    Cool read here! I'm a huge Thunders fan(Probably right up there with Alice Cooper, NY Dolls, Stones, & Kiss all tied for my favorite artists) Anyway, I was front row for my hero Johnny Thunders & right upfront for the Ramones too which were both better than phenomenal shows but being upfront for...
  6. rtbuck

    best punk rock song ever

    Wow! You got to see Thunders & Nolan together twice!!! Awesome! I only got to see Johnny once here in Buffalo, NY and that was 1986 & he was great!!!! I wrote about the show on the Johnny Thunders thread somewhere on this forum
  7. rtbuck

    Samantha Fish

    Just pre ordered the new album!
  8. rtbuck

    Hello, hello, hello? (Echo, echo, echo.) Anyone here under the age of 65? :)

    I'm under 65... I will be 57 this November...I prefer the Forums to Facebook/Twitter... I think it's time to return here again... The main reason I kind of left was not because of Facebook but because I couldn't remember what I posted in the past! I'd read a post & start to respond to it, then I...
  9. rtbuck

    Samantha Fish

    I caught Samantha Fish back in March and I thought she was phenomenal live. Super friendly too after the show taking photos with any fans who stuck around. She did a killer version of the Rolling Stones "Heartbreaker". I was really blown away by her performance but if you ever get a chance also...
  10. rtbuck

    KISS (Official Thread)

    Wish I still had mine!! ...But I still have the Creem magazine from 1976 with this poster on the cover & this poster as the centerfold
  11. rtbuck

    Favorite Song Intros?

  12. rtbuck

    Favorite Song Intros?

  13. rtbuck

    Alex Harvey - Roman Wall Blues

    Me, I am a fan...If I were you I’d stay away from Roman Wall Blues if you’re not really a fan. Framed is a great album as is Next.... I love the 2 Nazareth albums with Zal. Zal released an album by his new band the Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs recently...It’s a heavier sounding band. Drummer Ted...
  14. rtbuck

    Alex Harvey - Roman Wall Blues

    I love it! Granted I love the Sensational Alex Harvey Band version of Midnight Moses but the original version on here must be heard! Love the way the horn section works it. Killer version of Jumpin' Jack Flash. One thing though...If you're a fan of Sensational Alex Harvey Band...the music style...
  15. rtbuck

    KISS (Official Thread)

    Definitely one of the best debut albums. I always wonder if when they recorded "Love Theme from Kiss" for the album if they actually recorded the whole "Acrobat/Much Too Young" tune in that session seeing as they played it live back then... I would love to hear that whole studio version if they...
  16. rtbuck

    KISS (Official Thread)

    Great album... I would say my favorite studio album
  17. rtbuck

    Journey (Official Thread)

    Love Infinity! My favorite Journey albums and actually one of my favorite albums I listened to in the 70’s
  18. rtbuck

    Billion Dollar Babies vs. Tyranny And Mutation

    Billion Dollar Babies no doubt gets my vote but Tyranny is a great album
  19. rtbuck

    Secret Treaties vs. Man Of Miracles

    Secret Treaties gets my vote...probably my favorite BOC
  20. rtbuck

    Jimmy McCulloch

  21. rtbuck

    Jimmy McCulloch

    Jimmy was a great guitarist...sad he died at such a young age...I was just watching a couple videos of Maggie Bell’s Stone the Crows and McCulloch replaced the deceased guitarist Les Harvey(brother of Alex Harvey...Les was electrocuted onstage in 72). I didn’t realize after Jimmy left Wings in...
  22. rtbuck

    The Last Ditches "Spilt Milk"

    The Last Ditches - Spilt Milk Audio CD (May 20, 2016) Number of Discs: 1 Label: Hyperspace Records Being a fan of Punk, Metal, Hard Rock, & Rock & Roll I'm always looking for something new or different. Recently I was reading an interview...
  23. rtbuck

    New Wave Debut Album Battle

    I went with the Police But was close between B52’s and Elvis Costello I know the tune never made it to Outlandos but when I bought the Roxanne 45 when it was first released I was really blown away and still am by the flip side which was a tune called Dead End Job
  24. rtbuck

    Original Punk

    Old time Punk.... LAMF by Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers is a must!!!!!
  25. rtbuck

    Happy Birthday rtbuck

    Thanks a million everyone! ...and yes Dave 78 I’m Bucky!

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