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  1. LaughingSnowman

    Creedence Clearwater Revival (Official Thread)

    Tbh almost every CCR album is like a greatest hits album. They have so many great songs. In fact off the top of my head I can't remember a song they made that I dislike.
  2. LaughingSnowman

    "The King!" Elvis Presley (Official Thread)

    Does anyone have a pic of that? That sounds amazing. I want to see it.
  3. LaughingSnowman

    Lana Del Rey

    Ah, I just listened to some of it and it's surprisingly good. This coming from someone who doesn't really like her previous output.
  4. LaughingSnowman

    Ice Cube

    I enjoyed his other group Westside Connection more than one should. I still have the first album on cassette that I would play in the car back in the day and I would get so many judgemental looks lol.
  5. LaughingSnowman

    Alter Bridge (Official Thread)

    They are releasing their sixth album 'Walk The Sky' on the 18th of this month. I really need to catch up I have only listened to their first three albums.
  6. LaughingSnowman

    Lana Del Rey

    Did anyone listen to her new album yet? Is it more of the same?
  7. LaughingSnowman


    He sounds a little like Plant but the lead singer's voice is more feminine and high-pitched and sounds like he has marbles in his mouth. The band itself has a good rhythm though.
  8. LaughingSnowman

    "The King!" Elvis Presley (Official Thread)

    His granddaughter Riley Keough is a pretty decent actress and is fairly popular. Good genes run in the family.
  9. LaughingSnowman

    popular bands that you hate

    Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen Both sound like an ad for emphysema.
  10. LaughingSnowman

    Sexy Women in Music II

    Alice Cooper's guitarist Nita Strauss
  11. LaughingSnowman

    Nina Hagen

    Going on a Nina kick lately and she is amazing and batsh*t crazy and I love it. Such a unique voice and character. Her daughter Cosma is a looker too.
  12. LaughingSnowman

    Best Rock Album of The Last 20 Years...

    I gotta go with the Calfornication by the Chili Peppers since I listened to it the most. So many hits on this album.
  13. LaughingSnowman

    Favorite 50's Singer.

    Frankie Lymon Gene Vincent Elvis Fats Domino
  14. LaughingSnowman

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    8/10 - Has a 80s movie vibe.
  15. LaughingSnowman

    Sexy Women in Music II

    Grace Slick
  16. LaughingSnowman

    How did you find CRF?

    Big brother Google brought me here.

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