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  1. Beady Eye

    1 hit wonders of the 90's

    Uhm, you nailed the definition of a one-hit-wonder with the Connells and then posted the opposite of it with the Pumpkins... that's a tad confusing.
  2. Beady Eye

    Megadeth (Official Thread)

  3. Beady Eye

    Frédéric Chopin

    I honestly cannot fathom how anyone prefers the likes of Mozart over Chopin. There's just so much melancholy and infinite sadness in Billy... uh Frédéric Chopin.
  4. Beady Eye

    Slayer (Official Thread)

    Tom looks like a garden gnome without his Santa beard and his weight loss. I hope he's healthy to live a long retirement life with his grandchildren. Compared to the age-resistant Kerry, Tom unfortunately looks deteriorating.
  5. Beady Eye

    Sexy Women in Music II

    Susanna Hoffs (the face and voice of The Bangles, aged better than red wine)
  6. Beady Eye

    Metallica (Official Thread)

    I admit that I'm a Mustaine-nuthugger, but I do appreciate Metallica in general. That Kirk Hammett though... still don't get the casting process.
  7. Beady Eye

    Slayer (Official Thread)

    Two more Slayer concerts in my home country of Germany. My heart tells me: "Last chance to see the greatest metal band that you know since the 80s, why haven't you booked the tickets yet, you dumb f*ck???" My brain's like: "It's like 300 miles away, you would have to take 2 days off work...
  8. Beady Eye

    Megadeth vs. Metallica vs. Mustaine Metallica minus Megadeth

    When I listen to Metallica interviews, I can see how the cerebral Dave Mustaine simply doesn't fit into Metallica. No offense, but Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich aren't exactly en par with Mustaine on an intellectual level. Maybe it's all for the best, I don't particularly like Metallica but can...
  9. Beady Eye

    Megadeth vs. Metallica vs. Mustaine Metallica minus Megadeth

    Dave Mustaine and Metallica was supposed to be a match made in heaven but didn't work out in the end due to Mustaine's antics. The result was two awesome metal bands in Metallica and Megadeth. But what if Mustaine would have shown some restraint earlier and remained with Metallica? We would...
  10. Beady Eye

    Music you've outgrown....?

    Here's an idea: let's shake it up a tad by adding the question "which music have you grown in to?" Used to hate Kriss Kross, but they are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine now.
  11. Beady Eye

    The Prodigy (Official Thread)

    I got the first 3 albums and haven't listened to a single song after the 3rd. Should probably do that cause they used to be pretty damn great. As far as I'm concerned, electronic music was invented by Kraftwerk and polished by Prodigy, nothing else needed.
  12. Beady Eye

    Guns N' Roses vs. Van Halen

    Isn't that also true for the great ACDC debate? If you were to create a best-of album, most of the songs would be from the short Bon Scott-era. Brian Johnson was part of way more albums and was commercially more successfull, but never quite reached Bon Scott's level. In terms of quantity and...
  13. Beady Eye

    Music you've outgrown....?

    When I started playing guitar, every song I played sounded like Sonic Youth. So I figured, they must be great or else I suck. Turned out that I sucked. More often than not people buy into marketing not the actual music, teenagers are obviously the easiest prey. There's no single reason why a...
  14. Beady Eye

    Your last audio cassette purchase

    There can really only be one answer: a blank tape to pirate music with. I remember having had a vinyl and CD collection, but cassette tapes? Nah, they were only ever good for pirating stuff.
  15. Beady Eye

    Music you've outgrown....?

    Outgrown... hmm, first band that comes to mind is "Sonic Youth". I thought they were soooo experimental and alternative back then. Can't even listen to most of their songs anymore because they're just bad. "Marylin Manson" is another example for the same reasons that Black Dahlia had mentioned.
  16. Beady Eye

    Lyrics that didn't age well

    She also probably didn't expect that song to become a common background music for adult movie cumpilations. :D Yeah, she definitely didn't see that cumming, ah coming... sorry.
  17. Beady Eye


    That Aardvark hybrid looks wicked! Kudos for the GnR-love!
  18. Beady Eye

    Guitar players?

    My most beloved guitar in my collection is very similar to that: American or Japanese made doesn't really matter, as long as they're not hecho en Mexico ;) I bought it new in 1998 for about $700, the colour contributed to the bargain. Such a clean sound and smooth neck. I didn't have...
  19. Beady Eye

    Guns N' Roses vs. Van Halen

    Come to think of it: GnR and Van Halen actually have a lot in common. They both went from a sexy and charismatic lead singer to a hobo. Van Halen: David Lee Roth --> Sammy Hagar Guns and Roses: Axl Rose --> Sammy Hagar's twin brother
  20. Beady Eye

    Guns N' Roses vs. Van Halen

    Original GnR > DLR Van Halen > Buckethead GnR > Hagar Van Halen Van Halen are a very solid rock band who used to have an incredibly charismatic lead singer and ended up with a Hagar who is less charismatic than Eddie van Halen. They churned out a dozen decent albums and win the quantity battle...
  21. Beady Eye

    Which Rock Song Are You?

    I wanted Sweet Child as well and got "Another Prick goes AWOL" (or what's that called), my most hated song ever. Stupid quiz...
  22. Beady Eye

    Lyrics that didn't age well

    There are timeless classic lyrics like basically everything Bob Dylan ever wrote. Then there are lyrics that were f***in' awesome at the time and seemed to be a great idea, but in hindsight didn't age too too well. Post your favourite text passages in this thread. To give you an idea what I...
  23. Beady Eye

    worst lead singer of a 70's rock band

    Little known fact: Yoko Ono was the only Asian person on the planet back then and John Lennon was into Asian chicks. That's at least my only explanation. Btw.: I read your remarks about David Lee Roth. This will not go unpunished, my Russian friend.
  24. Beady Eye

    German music: Hamburger Schule (90s indie rock)

    If you ask me, there is hardly any good music outside of the US and the UK. There's ACDC and Neil Young, but that's aboot it. Anyways, this thread is an appreciation of probably the only period in German post-classic music that is worth mentioning. In the late 90s a counterpart to Britpop was...
  25. Beady Eye

    What is.....Black Metal

    As long as this is stickied, it can't be considered thread-necro to reply. I can't believe that Samael isn't mentioned here and doesn't have an official thread. They are famous for their classic music samples like their masterpiece album "Ceremony of Opposites" which sampled Mussorgsky's...

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