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  1. pooldude

    Pooldude Releases New Music

    Hey Folks... 121 views here, & only 1 poster, a fellow musician, has an opinion, or a review, or a critique, or a suggestion, or a comparison, or encouragement, or even a "You Suck" ? Doesn't anybody have hi-speed to down load new music? At Metal Sludge I got over 4,000 views with more...
  2. pooldude

    Denny Doherty: Mamas & Papas: R.I.P.

    Denny Doherty, one of the male voices of the Mamas & Papas from the '60s, has died.,1,4402723.story?coll=la-celebrity-news "Monday, Monday" & "California Dreamin" will always be 2 of the greatest folk rock songs ever...
  3. pooldude

    Pooldude Releases New Music

    Here's my 2nd new song "Jokerman" copyright 2007: For this song, I'm proud to feature my friend of 35 years, former Whitehorse guitarist & kybrdst David Day...who supplies some burning Slide Guitar in the Acid Break-down in the middle, & in the Outro, & again in the Final Break...
  4. pooldude

    Pooldude Releases New Music

    Sorry Foggy. I got over 2,300 hits to date on this song from readers @ Metal Sludge...& then I did a Remix with some new Mastering Software, & took down the original version, & put up the new one. I finally changed it above, & here is the new link again...
  5. pooldude

    Pooldude Releases New Music

    OK everybody...I've been threatening for it is! :lol: Since last August, Ol' man pdude has whipped his musical ass back into shape. I invested in a Pro Tools LE 7.3 rig with the Production Toolkit & enough Plug-Ins & Software to stun a rocket scientist. I got my home...
  6. pooldude


    Martha I got an email from George. He wants to know where you put his damn wooden choppers?
  7. pooldude

    Leon Russell (Official Thread)

    Re: leon russell fans? I saw Leon Russell & the Shelter People @ the San Diego Sports Arena sometime back around late '71 or early '72. He had the full Mad Dogs & Englishmen lineup of famous players, a big band of guys that had played with Delaney & Bonnie & Joe Cocker. I really don't...
  8. pooldude

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    I just spoke on the phone, a couple days ago, with my neighbor Michael Prince, the keyboardist & long time producer for Legs Diamond. We go back almost 3 decades, & have played with several of the same musicians in our careers. I designed & built his pool @ his home here in Castaic a...
  9. pooldude

    Denis Payton: Dave Clark Five R.I.P.

    I'm Feelin'...boomp boomp...Glad All O-va...Yes, I'm-a... Glad All O-va!
  10. pooldude

    Worst Drummer In A 70s Rock Band

    Re: Worse Drummer ^^^^ Those are great clips Wolf. What strikes me is how light a touch Buddy Rich exhibited, yet still sounded powerful. He really set those cymbals on fire, in a very musical way. But most kids of today have been indoctrinated by MTV & VH1's Metal Mania (which I watch a...
  11. pooldude

    Worst Drummer In A 70s Rock Band

    Re: Worse Drummer Oh yea? Well...he's no Rikki Rocket, & he never woulda cut it playin' with Def Leppard, & he didn't have nearly as many Tats as Tommy Lee. :wtf: :ohyeah:
  12. pooldude

    Denis Payton: Dave Clark Five R.I.P.

    The DC 5 were very influential for their time. If it hadn't been for them, who would have worn White Pants & Turtlenecks with Black Shoes? :heheh:
  13. pooldude

    Worst Drummer In A 70s Rock Band

    Re: Worse Drummer Every one of these drummers previously mentioned (including Henley, but probably not the Velvet's Moreen Tucker) could still play circles around the modern MTV Superstar known as Rikki Rocket. :ha:
  14. pooldude

    Show us your axe

    That's a beautiful live rig you have there, PickAttack. I bet you could get that huge Brian May "staggered / delayed multiple guitar players" sound from all those amps. Nowadays, I only play in my studio, recording direct into Pro Tools. I'm still using my vintage 1989 Korg A3 (one of...
  15. pooldude

    Denis Payton: Dave Clark Five R.I.P.

    Denis Payton, who played sax & rhythm guitar & sang backups for early British Invasion stars the Dave Clark Five, has died of cancer.,1,2869009.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california Back in '63-'64-'65 the Dave Clark...
  16. pooldude

    Happy Birthday Pooldude and others!!!

    Mrs Pdude bought me a Face Lift & Botox Injections for my bday. Check out how much younger & fresher I look now:
  17. pooldude

    Best heavy metal band of the 80's

    Re: Who was the best heavy metal band of the 80's? I was standing @ the upstairs bar drinking Mai Tais @ the Rainbow 1 nite about 20 years ago, when Lemmy sidled right up next to me. I stared @ his moles for a few moments, & looked @ him eye to eye, & said: "'re f***n'...
  18. pooldude

    Best heavy metal band of the 80's

    Re: Who was the best heavy metal band of the 80's? I know this place is hurtin' for contributing members & everybody is entitled to an opinion, bla bla bla.... But if Poison is now considered Heavy Metal (the best, no less), please someone shoot me & get it over with. :bonk: :ohyeah:
  19. pooldude

    Mariska from Shocking Blue: R.I.P.

    Mariska Veres, the sultry Dutch vocalist famous for the 1970 hit "Venus" with her band Shocking Blue, has died of cancer. Mariska was 1 of the best looking Rock Chicks in the business, in 1970...& a pretty good vocalist, too. In a lotta...
  20. pooldude

    Show us your axe
  21. pooldude

    Oingo Boingo

    I enjoy Oingo Boingo's greatest hits cd..."Just Another Day" & "Dead Man's Party" come to mind. I knew some of those guys when they were 1st coming together in the late '70s. I sold & traded gear with Kerry Hatch, who was a great bass player...& another friend of mine played keys in Bartek's...
  22. pooldude

    Most Explicit Lyrics Of The 80's

    Re: Wrap your legs around mine and ride me tonight Hey's a pic I shot just last month of Terri Nunn, with Mrs pdude (lft) & her girlfriend Debbie (rt), another excellent singer whose husband was the kybdst for REO's Gary Richrath & White Lion, among others.
  23. pooldude

    That Could Have Been A Beatles Song!

    "Sowing the Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears is one of the best Beatles tributes I've ever heard. They start off with an "I Am the Walrus" style vocal cadence & instrumental rhythm track; they have the Wurlitzer electric piano sound going; then...
  24. pooldude

    That Could Have Been A Beatles Song!

    I think the All-Time Greatest Beatles Spoof / Tribute / Rip-Off has to go to the Knickerbockers & their hit "Lies". The entire U.S. was convinced it was really the Beatles recording under another name, during the song's rise up the charts in 1966. Listen how the lead vocal is a dead ringer...
  25. pooldude


    Oh wow man...I knew that all along. :wtf: I just forgot. :ohyeah:

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