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    Your Favourite "Classic Prog" Album

    I picked Thick as a Brick. Part 1 is a masterpiece song to me.
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    Obscure Heavy Psych/Heavy Rock/Proto-Metal

    Heard the song "For Mad Men Only" by May Blitz on the radio. Was a pleasant surprise. Good song.
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    My website with songs I wrote

    New album guys! If you enjoy, you can buy it for only $4!
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    Queen (Official Thread)

    Just got Volume 1 of the new Queen 40th anniversary remasters. What are your opinions on the remasters? So far, I prefer them over the 1991 ones.
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    Metal Band Suggestions

    Haken is a progressive metal band you may like. They have a variety of influences. Check out their album "The Mountain".
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    My website with songs I wrote

    I haven't updated this recently. Released a new album and single! Please check it out and show your friends!
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    Two Blue, my blues band

    Hey guys! We've been playing out a bit, and I have videos from two recent gigs that you should check out. 8/2/14 at Big Shots Bar and Grill - We opened with a 45 minute set for the band Whiskey Grin 7/26/14 at Championships Bar and Grill - We played a 30 minute set along with some other...
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    Two Blue, my blues band

    Me and my friend started a two person blues band at the beginning of this year, and we just released an EP a few days ago. Gotta Get Her Back | Two Blue I played the drums, and sang on track 2. He played the guitars, bass guitar, and sang tracks 1 and 4. I hope you guys enjoy!
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    My website with songs I wrote

    I released a new album!! Falling Through Darkness | Eric Branchek
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    Steam Powered Giraffe

    This band is really weird, but also really great! Honeybee is just amazing.
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    Pink Floyd - Favorite Song?

    One Of These Days is my favorite. Am I the first to choose that? :P
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    My website with songs I wrote

    I REALLY hate to triple post, but two things. 1. I have recorded an original song on real instruments. It may be released as a single, or on an album/EP. 2. I found out how to make my digital instruments sound MUCH better. Check out the remastered version of An Angel.
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    Obscure Heavy Psych/Heavy Rock/Proto-Metal

    Probably was said, but the artist "Bang" is amazing. Their song "The Queen" is pretty heavy for 1972.
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    Heart (Official Thread)

    That's awesome! I have to see this.
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    My website with songs I wrote

    I hate to double post, but I can't edit my last post because of how the forum works. Anyways, I have completed another song in the same style as "An Angel", but this time, I am going to attempt to record it with real instruments. Stay tuned!
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    My website with songs I wrote

    I released a new song that is very different from my other stuff. An Angel | Eric Branchek Check it out.
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    My website with songs I wrote

    Also, check out my soundcloud for more stuff:
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    My website with songs I wrote

    I just released an album! My first album The album title is really uncreative, I know. But I assure you the songs ARE creative!
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    Black Sabbath (Official Thread)

    So I was thinking about something. As you probably have noticed, the album 13's last track (Dear Father) ends the same way as the self titled album's first track (Black Sabbath) began, with the thunder and rain. I was wondering if this means 13 will be the last Sabbath album, because it ends the...
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    Iron Butterfly (Official Thread)

    I just got the album In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida for 5 bucks, and I love it! Of course the title tracks is my favorite track, but the rest are really different and cool.
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    Black Sabbath (Official Thread)

    Maybe I'm just excited cause it's a new album, but I really like 13.
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    Your Longest 15 Songs?

    Nope. I don't really watch TV honestly. >_>
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    Best Black Sabbath Ozzy Album

    What is your favorite Black Sabbath album with Ozzy? For me, it is Vol. 4.
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    The Wall vs. Tommy

    Pink Floyd wins it for me.
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    Random 70's Album Battle

    I picked Queen, but was tempted to pick Pink Floyd.

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