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  1. Saiyan Rocker

    Charlie Watts RIP

    I'm sad he will not be there when I see them. Thank you, Mr. Watts for everything!
  2. Saiyan Rocker

    Song To Fit Your Current Mood

    My current theme(s) and
  3. Saiyan Rocker

    New Setup etc...

    Is the filter turned off now?
  4. Saiyan Rocker

    I'm trying to find this song used in this clip

    Already tried IMDB, it didn't mention it.
  5. Saiyan Rocker

    Rolling Stones Announce 2021 U.S. ‘No Filter’ Tour Dates

    Thanks for posting this, That 70's Guy. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed. I thought I'd see them in the summer of '22. I thought I had more time to get thing situated before my trip and save some more. Ah well. I booked my hotel room. I also must admit with the new variant I'm...
  6. Saiyan Rocker

    I'm trying to find this song used in this clip

    I think they said in an episode commentary that it from a 60's/70's era group. I've look but come up short.
  7. Saiyan Rocker

    Hair metal battle! Aerosmith vs. KISS

    Aerosmith :cool:
  8. Saiyan Rocker

    Lynyrd Skynyrd Rethink Farewell: ‘Maybe It’s Not Our Time to Go’

    Damn they're not even coming anywhere close to where I could see them. That was the lowest price, Vehicle? Was it people re-selling tickets or original price? And I thought I was mad spending $300 on tickets.
  9. Saiyan Rocker

    Not permitted to view forums

    I used to be able to see the musical Game forum without being logged in but you have to log in to view the forum. I didn't know there was an update.
  10. Saiyan Rocker

    Last Song

    We always hear about what a person's last meal would be, but what about a last song. What song would you want to be the last song you hear?
  11. Saiyan Rocker

    Actress Tawny Kitaen Dead at 59

    I LOVE Xena/Hercules and I had no idea who she was or that she was even in Hercules. Thanks for posting this. I also didn't know she was the cover girl for Ratt.
  12. Saiyan Rocker

    Great Bands You Unapologetically Despise

    Neil Young. I agree with Skynyrd "A Southern man don't need him around, anyhow"
  13. Saiyan Rocker

    OZZY OSBOURNE Has Recorded 15 Songs For Next Studio Album

    I enjoyed Ordinary Man album. I like that song he did with Elton John, I like Under the Graveyard, and there were few other on there that were good. So I'm very hopeful this will be just as good. I'm not a fan of rap so if he worked with a any rappers I won't be listening to those tracks. I...
  14. Saiyan Rocker

    Great Bands You Unapologetically Despise

    1. Bruce Springsteen 2. The Eagles 3. Creedence Clearwater Revival 4. Steve Miller Band 5. Journey 6. Pink Floyd
  15. Saiyan Rocker

    Clever names for cover bands.

    Elton John Cover Band: Bennie and the Jets
  16. Saiyan Rocker

    EAZY ****** — Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl — Lyric video

    Why attack your fans? Especially if you have tour two years late... I know people who have had Covid and suffered through it. They are not amused, I myself included. It isn't funny, why make song mocking people for having cancer it is the same thing. And really mocking people for weight...
  17. Saiyan Rocker

    Songs You Would Have Liked To Have Heard Covered

    I'd like to hear Jimi Hendrix play "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
  18. Saiyan Rocker

    Beautiful Videos

  19. Saiyan Rocker


    Happy Easter!
  20. Saiyan Rocker

    70s girl band you love

    That's a good
  21. Saiyan Rocker

    Skin Tappers

    Dusan Kranjc (2Cellos - Smells Like Teen spirit [Live at Sydney Opera House])
  22. Saiyan Rocker

    TRIUMPH To Release 'Allied Forces' 40th-Anniversary Box Set

    My mother saw them 3 or 4 times in the 80's. I think they have an awesome sound, wouldn't mind seeing them myself.
  23. Saiyan Rocker

    If classic rock didn't exist....

    Don't even joke about that.... However, I would still enjoy what I listen to now; classical, pop, disco, and a little bit of folk. I love rock but I like a little bit of everything. The only genres I can't stand is country and rap.

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