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  1. Rock Candy

    Shred Metal

    Joey Tafolla's debut album is pretty good, if not fairly derivative. Gilbert and MacAlpine both chip into Out of the Sun, so it's well worth getting (Though chances are you're aware of this one). I don't have his second album, Infra-Blue, but I understand it's more in the vein of Satriani than...
  2. Rock Candy

    The Winery Dogs (Official Thread)

    The second single's been released now; it's not quite as blatantly poppy as "Elevate", but it's catchy as sin all the same! Z_SdasimlLQ&
  3. Rock Candy

    Original lead vocalist Dave Bickler rejoins Survivor

    I'd be curious to know what Peterik makes of all this.
  4. Rock Candy

    John Waite VS. Journey

    "It's for super white people listening to super white music" Hahahaha, brilliant. That said, still kinda sucks that we'll never see a Bad English reunion.
  5. Rock Candy

    Would you like to see David Coverdale Record an Album With Glenn Hughes?

    That'd be great! I'd take a Hughes Turner Project styled project with these two over a new Whitesnake or Black Country Communion album, tbh.
  6. Rock Candy

    "Classic Rock to launch Deep Purple Fanpack"

    From "Re-Machined: A Tribute to Machine Head is the star attraction in Classic Rock’s upcoming Deep Purple Fanpack. Hear official, all-new recordings of the band’s classic 1972 album performed by Metallica, Iron Maiden, Chickenfoot, Black Label Society, Kings...
  7. Rock Candy

    Your latest Concert DVD/Blu-ray Purchases?

    Re: Your latest Concert DVD Purchases?
  8. Rock Candy

    Deep Purple (Official Thread)

    Shame any album with a cracking keyboard riff like this would be overlooked! a58295TocB8
  9. Rock Candy

    Whitesnake (Official Thread)

    Awesome stuff, have to say that I'm a bit jealous! It was nice to hear Hart give some of the old Whitesnake songs a crack (Especially since the only time I'd heard him do them previously was at that Godawful Tony Ashton gig where he'd obviously had a few too many at the bar beforehand and had...
  10. Rock Candy

    Whitesnake (Official Thread)

    Was this the show you were at? Have to say, sounds pretty great! 7QCFHQoPMtc
  11. Rock Candy

    RIP Jon Lord

    RIP Lordy, one of the all time greats ;_;
  12. Rock Candy

    Happy Birthday Metal <3 You Rock<3

    Happy birthday matey, hope it's a good one!
  13. Rock Candy

    Singers that sound like Paul Rodgers

    Edman's an interesting one; to these ears (albeit that's based only upon 2 or 3 albums worth of material, I know he has quite a large discography) he sounds very much like a cross between Glenn Hughes and John Waite (I know both of whom are very Rodgers influenced). I can't think of many singers...
  14. Rock Candy

    Hello from Ireland!

    Welcome welcome welcome, hope you enjoy your time here!
  15. Rock Candy

    Your Top ABC's Bands

    A - Alien B - Black Sabbath C - Cheap Trick D - Deep Purple E - Europe F - Free G - Gamma H - House of Lords I - Impellitteri J - Journey K - Kansas L - Led Zeppelin M - Mr. Big N - Noiseworks O - Orion the Hunter P - Phenomena Q - Queen R - Racer X S - Strangeways T - Thin Lizzy U - UFO V - Van...
  16. Rock Candy

    Lich King.

    Not an expert on the band by any means, but this little gem had me sold! o-nTrB0gkGk
  17. Rock Candy

    HSAS vs Chickefoot

    HSAS by a mile! Some of Schon's best (and heaviest) playing on that album, not to mention one of Hagar's best ever vocal performances. ouqWG7mjPIc
  18. Rock Candy

    Borrowed Riffs

    This one is rather ironic, given how much Chris Impellitteri has "borrowed" off Malmsteen over the years :heheh: Impellitteri - Stand in Line (1988) FVAAeot6TD4 Yngwie Malmsteen - Making Love (1990) QbmhNdB1xeg
  19. Rock Candy

    Lost AOR Classics. Any others?

    Thank you, I very much enjoyed your choices too! I have to plead ignorance on the Distance album, I can't say I'd ever actually heard of its existence before you mentioned it. Based on a few of the songs I've listened to on YouTube though, I'll have to correct that! The Strand album is...
  20. Rock Candy

    Your favourite band for each genre and add one

    1. Rock, pop - Queen 2. Hard rock - Deep Purple 3. Blues - Free 4. Progressive - Yes 5. Electronic - 6. Avant-garde - 7. Punk, new wave - Spandau Ballet 8. Soul - Wilson Pickett 9. Reggae - 10. Techno, synth, dance - Chic 11. Folk - Crosby, Stills & Nash 12. Country - Johnny Cash...
  21. Rock Candy

    Lost AOR Classics. Any others?

    To name just a few (Some of these may perhaps be a tad borderline, but stay with me): Michael Bolton - S/T & Everybody's Crazy The Strand - S/T Michael Thompson Band - How Long Gregg Rolie - ****** Signal - Loud & Clear David Roberts - All Dressed Up Unruly Child - S/T Strangeways - S/T, Native...
  22. Rock Candy

    Budgie (Official Thread)

    Re: Budgie back on the road with a new album soon? Cool stuff! Is Craig Goldy still with the band?
  23. Rock Candy

    Enuff Z'nuff (Official Thread)

    I've been listening to the '89 S/T debut pretty heavily the past few days and I have to say, I absolutely love it. Thanks for the advice on that one, MP! I'll try and get Strength fairly soon, is that basically more of the same sorta thing?
  24. Rock Candy

    Hardline returns with "Danger Zone"

    I was kinda put off a bit by the fact it's an entirely new band, but the samples so far sound great! "10,000 Reasons" sounds really cool.
  25. Rock Candy

    Cold Chisel (Official Thread)

    Oh man, Freight Train Heart by a mile.

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