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    Boyce and Hart

    Over on the site for fans for Monkees writers Bobby Hart and now sadly deceased Tommy Boyce,Hart and Boyce's widow are petitioning for the musical theater wide induction into the songwriters hall of fame.I'd have to say yeah let so in.Timeless melodies and 60s nostalgia happening within their...
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    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    Certainly...both the Stones and Yardbirds were cut from the very same nitty gritty Blues cloth..for the same reason,Dreja was nearly a fifth Led Zep member....
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    The Move (Official Thread)

    Have you seen a doc called *Birmingham Fami!y Trees"?About how bands like the Moody BlueS ELO the Move and others are connected through common members......
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    The Great Sixty Eight...

    1968 was the only year there was a tie for the Best Actress Oscar-Katherine Hepburn for "Lion in Winter" and Barbara Streisand for "Funny Girl"......
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    The Great Sixty Eight...

    Debut of the original Hawaii 5-0.Jack Lord ruled!!
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Eric Carmen and the Raspberries gave the world some enjoyable 70's pop.......
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    Covers, uncovers, remakes, etc.

    Can't stand Guns N Roses reduxes o f "Live and Let Die" and "Knockin' on Heavan's "Door".Totally wrongly approached and poorly execute Axel's voice isn't at all fitting for either tune...and don't get me started about loud sailing guitars for the Dylan number.....completely inapproprate....
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    ☆War Songs☆

    Credence Clearwater Revival's anti military draft procedure "Fortunate Son" about how some of the rich and powerful used their deviant political connections to avoid national interesting video complete with Vietnam footage is available on YouTube......
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    ☆War Songs☆

    Kind of a bit of a novelty here but I've always enjoyed the Monkees' "Zor and Zam",which was featured in the last episode of the TV series.All about some people who "threw a war and nobody came..."
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    1 hit wonders of the 90's

    The Ed Collins number certainly was a favorite of mine....Also kinda liked Len's "Stea! my Sunshine".....unusual for me to go for too much really lightweight pop,but somehow this one managed to half decently engage me....
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    favorite song from the 60s

    The explosively Beatlesque "Lies" by Jersey's own Knickerbockers.....Beau Brummels had a couple really good and sadly overlooked tunes.....and let's not forget Napoleon XIV-"They're Coming to Take Me Away(HA HA).....
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    The Favorite Soul - R&B - Funk - Thread

    Sly and the Family may be the key artist here....very important record.....Tell Me Something Good Rufus feat. Chaka Khan.....
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    Post Smile Beach Boys

    Recently viewing Beach Boys docs as infinitum over on YouTube and am becoming increasingly curious concerning the band's works in the Four year wake after the abandonment of the Smile project in its entirety.Bits and pieces began to surface in Wild Honey and 20/20 and I'm quite intrigued with...
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    Eddie Money Dies at 70

    The passing of true rock spirit grit.....everything the genre's 70' s classics amounted to in the end is well represented in Money's more well known pieces......
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    favorite song from the 60s

    Has anyone mentioned the Tijuana Brass here?Rather plaintive and elementary jazz,but quite pleasurable.........
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    Chuck Berry (Official Thread)

    I like the clip of Chuck doin' "Sweet Little Sixteen" with John Lennon on the Mike Douglas Show in 1972.The rock world's equivalent of a meeting of a pair Greek Gods atop Mount Olympus!
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    This is the place on the forum menu closest to where I figure discussion pertaining to Ian Drury and thd Blockheads belongs.What were they anyway?Punk?New Wave/Always a big fan of "Sex and Drugs" and "Rhythm Sticks" and adore the band's all out "let's just hang and have a bit of fun" musical...
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    The Knack(and should we get them?)

    An internet Vlogger recommended investigating the Knack beyond their "My Sharonna" and "Get the Knack" and suggested a record called "Round Trip",which I may get around to on YouTube.Previously,I was told that basically even including "Sharonna",which somehow managed to become Billboard...
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    Rolling Stones Postpone North American Tour as Mick Jagger Gets Medical Treatment

    Instead of being disappointed that Mick had to postpone some performances,quite actually fans should count their blessings that they even have opportunity to see him in action as most 75 year olds I know wouldn't dare hopscotch around the world with such blazing ambition.This man has more bolden...
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    Stoner Music

    Not exactly one of the DEEPER stoner tunes,but always great fun to enjoy "Marijuana" by Cheech and Chong.Maybe one of you cold post it here for others to watch since I'm not familiar with the process..............
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    Been growing increasingly interested in listening to the works of Canadian prog-rockers Klaatu beyond their debut which in 1976 was mistaken for a secret Beatles' reunion.Can anyone recommend any particular titles.I'm appealing particularly to Canadian fans here as I know they've developed...
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    Queen (Official Thread)

    Slightly tempted to buy digitially,but maybe I'll just take the two day rental.Especially interested since seeing that it won Best Actor at the Oscars as well as Best Sound Editing and one or two other awards....................
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    Favourite lurve songs?

    Love Song-The Cure.Proves once and for all that a truly great love tune need not be necessarily schmaltzy,a quality Paul McCartney has been accused of overplaying his hand at(My Love,although through its schmaltz is STILL certainly one of the all time greats as previously mentioned in this thread)
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    Chuck Berry (Official Thread)

    The fact that Richards among others(Led Zeppelin)had to "steal" or alter so many guitar licks in order to keep their R7B futures intact is exactly why I go with the Beatles as my favorite group.There's only so much you can do with usual three chord-bridge blues-rock.Variations on the theme have...
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    Maureen Tucker-Punk Pioneer

    Heard it mentioned in a documentary that Velvet Undrerground drummer Maureen Tucker was a pioneer on the area of Punk rock drumming.Absolutely!One of the many,many ways the Velvets had far long reaching incluence on Punk a well as New Wave,Alt Rock and Grunge.Just SO visionary.Any Punk fans out...

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