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  1. Džedaj


    The Who's performance was just sheer epicness.
  2. Džedaj

    Happy Birthday LOU/REALM

    Happy birthday man :) Cheers
  3. Džedaj

    The most important member of Led Zeppelin?

    They are all equally important.
  4. Džedaj

    The 'B' List

    Blue Cheer, Beatles, Beach Boys, Black Keys, Black Sabbath
  5. Džedaj

    Battle of the Singles (1973)

    Bowie, Stones, Floyd, Purple & Dylan
  6. Džedaj

    Midnight Rider vs. Riders On The Storm

    The Doors. That's one epic tune right there!
  7. Džedaj

    Battle of the Singles (1975)

    Floyds, Aerosmith & Foghat
  8. Džedaj


    Happy birthday, Woodstock! Damn, wish I was there. Best concert ever, it can't get better than this. Top artists of the time + great atmosphere + awesome people = Woodstock.
  9. Džedaj

    Top 40 acoustic songs of all time (according to planetrock)

    Exactly, man. Couldn't believe it myself. Also, no Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Bert Jansch, NICK DRAKE ?? Wow, hard rockers took acoustic guitar for a very first time and recorded a sappy love song and all of a sudden it's an acoustic guitar masterpiece. This list makes me sad...
  10. Džedaj

    The Rarest and/or Most Valuable Vinyl You Own?

    Thanks man. Yeah, I'd love to go to Amsterdam, for year or two I'll visit it for sure :grinthumb
  11. Džedaj

    Grateful Dead (Official Thread)

    Re: Grateful Dead Also, I have recently watched this beautiful movie calles "The Music Never Stopped", focusing about huge Deadhead that tries to connect with his family after he suffers brain tumor. Brilliant story, wonderful music and extremely recommended to anyone who declares himself as...
  12. Džedaj

    Bob Dylan (Official Thread)

    Re: Bob Dylan There's only one Bob Dylan. Mp edit: Video removed from Youtube
  13. Džedaj

    Grateful Dead (Official Thread)

    Re: Grateful Dead It's so sad to scroll down this thread and see dead members of The Dead one after another. Damn. I'll never have that privilege to see them live :(
  14. Džedaj

    What songs would you like Played at your Funeral?

    Yeah, I agree with the_spore, I'd love to have big jolly party (because you can't spell funeral without FUN) rather than silent lament. I'd love these songs at my funeral : Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane D.C.B.A. - Jefferson Airplane Echoes - Pink Floyd Breathe - Pink Floyd The End -...
  15. Džedaj

    The Rarest and/or Most Valuable Vinyl You Own?

    I start collecting vinlys 10 months ago so I haven't collected many rare stuff, and I know this isn't rare but it took me a while to buy some of these here in Croatia (where amount of Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane LPs are equal to zero) : Probably everyone have this one, but however, I'm...
  16. Džedaj

    CRF's Greatest Singers Results: #50-1

    Hmm, I'm dissapointed there isn't Howlin' Wolf on the list. I know he's blues and not rock, but same could be consider with metal and rock, and Dio made it in top 10. I thought Plant would be rated higer, at least higher than Mercury and McCartney. Don't get me wrong, I'm huge Beatles fan, but...
  17. Džedaj

    The BEATLES (Official Thread)

    Re: The Official BEATLES Thread!! I watched "Nowhere Boy" and "Yellow Submarine". First is about Lennon's childhood, spotlight is on his relationship between his mother and his aunt, not so much about music but that's okay - I'm glad there's at least one movie that's showing Lennon as a normaln...
  18. Džedaj

    What decade do you listen most?

    Mostly 60s & 70s, lately even some new stoner/neopsychedelic bands, but all in all 60s decade. Long live the 60s.
  19. Džedaj

    Amy Winehouse Dead

    I knew only her few songs but this is such a great loss. I respected her for her voice and her revival of 40s jazz music, but her crazy rock 'n roll lifestyle led her to where she is now. RIP Amy
  20. Džedaj

    Ultimate Classic Rock Drummer: Round One Part Two

    Can't believe Micheal Shrieve won just 6 votes :/
  21. Džedaj

    The Fleet Foxes (Official Thread)

    Re: The Fleet Foxes I'm glad you like it,man :) Can't wait till their LP comes in a local record store, I'm gonna buy as soon as it comes.

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