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    Recommend some newer Rush songs.

    I liked a lot of the lyrics on Presto but the music is mostly pop garbage through a Rush filter. I agree almost completely with op's assessment and a lot of his favorites. Rush is still my favorite band although the last album they did that I thoroughly enjoy is now something like 42 years...
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    What Songs/Bands First Got You Into Music?

    No need to be sorry about that. I think getting into Kiss today with all the baggage they've released over the years would be like a ******** prog head getting into Journey without hearing their first album. Perhaps you will hear their very early stuff and find something you like, maybe not...
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    OZZY OSBOURNE Has Recorded 15 Songs For Next Studio Album

    You mean, other than 'Baby Shark?'
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    Rank These 4 Grunge Bands in Order of Best to Worst

    AIC, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden which is kind of weird since my favorite musician from all of them was in Soundgarden.
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    I used to say Within You Without You was my favorite Beatles song but as my knowledge of their whole catalog expanded I became less sure I could pick one. I can't. Too much absolute gold.
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    Account Deletion

    I try but I'm usually let down especially if it's someone that came out in the last 20 years. I'll keep trying though. My latest 'discovery' has been a best of from The Marshall Tucker Band who previously batted a .500 with me because they had one song I liked that I knew of (Can't You See) and...
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    If a classical composer were writing today, who would he be?

    The Beatles would be kind of the Bach of rock (if this is what you mean) being not the first but the first to take all essential elements and combine them into a sort of working amalgam. Zeppelin would be like Beethoven or Mozart (building on an already established framework and expanding it or...
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    Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)

    For me Moving Pictures was a step up from Permanent Waves but yes their last thoroughly great album. They made a conscience choice to embrace new wave type pop and they lost me. Signals was a great album for the genre just not a good Rush album and they got worse from there.
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    What Songs/Bands First Got You Into Music?

    Cool never heard of The Mob. Going to have to check it out.
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    What's Your Favorite Album of All Time?

    That whole era from Caress of Steel to Hemispheres is just peak heavy progressive music (or whatever you want to call it). Absolutely inspired.
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    What's Your Favorite Album of All Time?

    OK. This answer works too.
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    What's Your Favorite Album of All Time?

    Probably still Hemispheres from Rush. I have a lot of favorites depending on mood but this is an absolutely welcome album no matter what mood I'm in.
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    Jethro Tull (Official Thread)

    Like most hard rock fans there were a few Tull songs I always liked. Around the time we were all jamming in the neighborhood my brother and a really good guitar player started covering somewhat obscure Tull songs. Don't remember which ones but while interested I was still most heavily into stuff...
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    R.I.P. Ronnie Spector

    One of the better and more distinctive voices of the motown sound. RIP. Her work was absolutely foundational.
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    Who here plays the guitar?

    My classical is a Takamine (used to call them Cockameme). It is pretty much the only thing I play these days other than drums. I'm making ok money and have been thinking about getting a Les Paul brand new. The one I want is only $1400 but I can't bring myself to let off that much money for...
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    Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica (1969)

    A long time ago in a suburb not so far away I think I listened to this. It was completely beyond me back then. This write up makes me want to revisit it.
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    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    The last recording I purchased was UFO 1 to replace one I lost. Not long ago I got Led Zep 1 for the same reason. Yeah, I'm that guy.
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    What Songs/Bands First Got You Into Music?

    Yeah nursery rhymes never really did it for me. Nursery Crimes however...
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    Bonds Best? 007.

    The Bondiest of all Bond themes: Live and let die. From that guy that was in that band...
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    Janis Joplin: Hot or Not?

    Not good looking by any measure. But didn't have to be. Some women exude a certain... She wasn't entirely unattractive.
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    What Songs/Bands First Got You Into Music?

    There may have already been a thread about this but the question is pretty self explanatory. In this thread we will discuss not only our earliest musical interests but the conditions around us that maybe nudged us in a particular music direction. Please include any non rock early or recent...
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    Bands with less than 5 songs you like.

    Well, there's like and then there's love. A few I can think of off the top of my head are: Ghost of an American Airman (bought the tape because I really liked the radio song but...) Gerry Rafferty (pretty much the same) Billy Thorpe (Children of the Sun - but unfortunately the whole album...
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    Do you prefer live albums?

    I would like to think if he were given an ultimatum to clean up or get out it might have gone different for him. Maybe not. But after hearing Steve Harris say Dickenson was the singer they always wanted I wonder if the replacement was inevitable? Anyway, I somehow forgot to mention Strangers...
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    Do you prefer live albums?

    Kiss Alive! is one of my favorite live albums by anyone and perhaps my favorite album from Kiss period. Great album. Every single song on the album is a better (sometimes much better) version than the studio version. I love the studio intro to Cold Gin so it is kind of close to the live version...
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    Do you prefer live albums?

    As a rule if a band is really good their live album will be too. Sometimes the live version is WAY better than the studio version - other times not. I love All The World's a Stage but never really cared for making medleys out of songs. There's has the highlight of also having my favorite rock...

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