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    Best album of 1975

    Rainbow - Rainbow
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    Best album of 1977

    Hard to argue with Alive II Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation Bob Seger - Live Bullet Judas Priest -Sin after Sin Skynyrd - Street Survivors
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    Best album of 1983

    Holy Diver. Underrated one would be Molly Hatchet - No Guts No Glory. Easily has the best cover....well after Holy Diver.
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    Best album of 1982

    Priest - Screaming For Vengeance
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    Paradise Lost (Official Thread)

    That's a hard to question to answer. Since they play so many genres. The covers they've done have been great and they were songs i'd never heard of. I could see them doing a solid Nick Cave cover. First one that popped in my head was Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore. -r1Q-tQp-PE I'd also like...
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    Best album of 1988

    Metallica - ....And Justice For All Danzig - Danzig Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
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    Best album of 1971

    Black Sabbath - Master of Reality would be mine. Some others to consider Elton John - Madman Across the Water Dust - Dust
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    Best album of 1969

    I'd throw in From Elvis in Memphis in there. Maybe not THE top album but worthy of discussion.
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    Paradise Lost (Official Thread)

    Another solid live album by PL. Feel like they should have done a full gig with the Symphony though.
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    What's your shuffle

    - "Metal Gods" (Live 98)- Judas Priest - "Epilogue" - Kamelot - "Mystery Train" - Elvis Presley - "Ogre Battle" (Live at the Rainbow) - Queen - "Monkey Wrench" - Foo Fighters - "Hours Of Wealth" - Opeth - "Light In The Black" - Sabaton - "Bloodshot" - Black Star Riders - "Mistreated" - Glenn...
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd (Official Thread)

    I saw them open for ZZ Top back in 99 maybe. Stole the show. I've watched and listened to many performances since then. The band is just as tight as the old granted they are not writing as good of material on record but live they do justice. Johnny is a very unfairly underrated singer due to not...
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    Metallica (Official Thread)

    Fuel For Whom the Bell Tolls Metal Militia King Nothing Disposable Heroes The Unforgiven II Cyanide Lords of Summer Sad But True The Frayed Ends of Sanity One Master of Puppets Damage, Inc. Fade to Black Seek & Destroy Creeping Death Nothing Else Matters Enter Sandman Good lord what a setlist.
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    Metallica (Official Thread)

    Travesty they didn't play Trapped Under Ice at that gig!!
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    Metallica (Official Thread)

    Deep cuts lol but hey gotta listen to something. Just listened to their Vegas gig from a week ago or so. Still got it.
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    Black Sabbath's "Farewell"

    I'm pretty she means Black Sabbath's "Farewell to Japan".
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    Hear Van Halen "Panama" & "Runnin' From The Devil" from Live At Tokyo Dome CD

    Oh boy oh boy is Dave's voice shot. The band sounds tight but I can't get past those vocals. Shame there was no early 80's live album from them.
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    ACDC - Back in Black (1980)

    It's hard to imagine a time when Back In Black, You Shook Me All Night Long, etc weren't overplayed classics. Deservedly overplayed. Amazing rock n roll songs that held up to this day. One of the biggest records ever. What else is there to say?
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    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Oh yes! Priest's return has also been so good. I consider their 90's period better than Maiden's but Maiden's reunion slightly better than Priest's. Maiden's material has been stronger and they continue to sell out wherever they go. I saw Priest in 2012 in a half empty minor league hockey arena...
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    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Was listening to some post reunion Maiden today and that made me think. Has there been a more successful band reunion than Maiden? They didn't come back for just the nostalgia. They came back with four incredible albums. They sound better live today than they ever did in their "classic" 80's...
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    Devin Townsend: Strapping Young Lad/The Devin Townsend Band

    I keep flip flopping on which disc I like more. Depends on my mood really. Which is the brilliance of DT. He makes the perfect music for every mood.
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    Best heavy metal band of the 80's

    Metallica owned the 80's. Maiden, Ozzy, Priest made some bad songs. Metallica did not. If we are saying the whole discography that's different. But 80''s Metallica
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    Elf and Ronnie Dio

    Today felt like a good day to give Elf a run through the speakers. It was a great choice. Good old fashioned dirty gritty rock n roll
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    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    I know I shouldn't but I really like Demolition. I tried to not like it but dammit just can't. Virtual XI on the other hand is trash
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd (Official Thread)

    I don't see why anyone would hate it. Just a bunch of guys having fun and jamming on a great track. That's what it's all about! I'm sure with all the songs Metallica played and all the guests they played with that week they probably rehearsed this maybe twice lol. The album version off...
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    Top 10 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame snubs

    We generally think of Hall of Fame's that belong to sports. To get in to those you let your numbers do the talking. It should be no different in the RnR HOF. You'd never see Derek Jeter not elected to the baseball hall cause the voters are Red Sox fans. His numbers say he's worthy so he's...

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