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    Kinks Reunion May Happen Without Dave Davies

    I could have predicted this the moment a Kinks reunion tour was in the works, the animosity between Ray and Dave is beyond my understanding. Ray takes a great delight in humiliating his brother for some reason. I like some of the Kinks music but I have never liked Ray Davies as a person, he...
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    Happy birthday Soot and Stars!

    Sorry I'm late, wishing you the best on your special day and hope you celebrated in style Sooty.:hab: :firew:
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    Golden Years vs Golden Hours

    One of my favorite Bowie songs period wins this one easily.
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    Demi Lovato

    If anyone was going to write a thread for Demi Lovata it would be you AAG...:grinthumb I only know her from seeing her on TV, the whole batch of Disney manufactured stars I tend to avoid, even though that is patently unfair once they leave the company to be replaced by a younger cuter model. I...
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    Roger Waters: The Wall Concert film announced

    I agree we were all really disappointed with the original film other than the odd bit of animated sequences and the music of course it was dismal. I will wait till it shows up somewhere for free, no need to buy this one.;)
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    Is Gene Simmons a complete dick?

    I take Gene for what he is a self absorbed very successful businessman, sometimes I find myself agreeing with his opinions, other times not so much. I don't think anyone can deny he's a Diva and loves having a voice about any topic, and if you ask him a question he will give you an answer which...
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    Happy Birthday, Jonny Come Lately

    Wow hard to remember when I was that young...:gg: :oyea: Happy Birthday JCL, I'm sure you'll celebrate in proper style.:hab:
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    Have you ever become obsessed with an album that changed you socially

    I would have bet the farm you were going to say Led Zeppelin...but I not IV would have been my guess Old Ent.;)
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    Tell us about your stereo!

    I remember the old consoles, my Aunt and Uncle had a really nice one back in the mid-70's, I took my BTO, Deep Purple and Steppenwolf albums over and cranked it up...both of them thought I was going to end up a metal head or worse...:oyea:
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    Nice to see another fan of Supertramp in the place Pinkxmurder, welcome aboard.:hab:
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    You're The One

    That sounds familiar MP...but I can't remember right now, hopefully Tray sees this she should be able to nail it.;)
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    Seven Bands Who Were Foolishly Labeled ‘The Next Beatles’

    Although I love the Beatles and realize how massively important they were to the entire music revolution of the 60's/70's I do get a little worn out with the endless adulation heaped upon them by the true hard core fans. On the other hand they are the Standard against which all other rock bands...
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    Please Welcome Our New Mod Sharp Dressed Man

    Welcome aboard the Mod Express SDM, you have handled yourself with aplomb and class since you arrived here so as Sooty said when we talked about possible candidates to bolster/recharge the mod squad your name was at the top of the list. :cheers2
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    Seven Bands Who Were Foolishly Labeled ‘The Next Beatles’

    Well 'softened' would be a better way to describe my Oasis feelings nowadays, I mean I still don't own any of their albums, but once I put aside my anti-Gallagher brothers bias...:D....then I can listen to one of their albums. As far as Axl goes......when Hell freezes over I'll consider...
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    IP address banned?

    Who did you contact, I didn't receive a message and Shaggy is on the road most of the time these days...? IP bans are issued as a last resort and are mostly useless anyway because your ISP can always use a 'rotating addy' like many members have, some of them will have 20+ different addresses...
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    Seven Bands Who Were Foolishly Labeled ‘The Next Beatles’

    I will never be a big fan of Oasis but because of Sunny and a few other people here I have listened to them a couple more times, and they aren't as bad as I used to think. I will never be a fan of the Gallagher brothers' for numerous reasons but I can't deny how important Oasis was to keep rock...
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    Bringing A Little Twang . . .

    Must have missed this, welcome aboard Randy pull up a chair and sit a while.:grinthumb
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    Starz (Official Thread)

    ^^I'd imagine the Welsh would be a little upset, as anyone who studies history knows...:D...the border between Wales and England had/has more castles per mile than anywhere else in the world, something about the English being bad neighbours back then from what Sox told me....:think: :heheh...
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    Frampton tosses fan's phone

    It's a phenomenon I don't understand, that you go to shows, concerts, festivals, sporting events and are more concerned about filming what's going on than enjoying the spectacle, that taking a 'selfie' to prove to your 'posse' that you were there is more important than what took place.:wtf: Did...
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    Albums You Can/Can't Listen to The Whole Way Through

    Jonny Come Lately I remember David Gilmour saying he regretted putting Dogs Of War on AMLOR, that if he could go back and do it over he would have picked a different song. Personally I love that song, the version on Delicate Sound of Thunder (My VHS tape) is fantastic both visually and the...
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    Gillan/Blackmore reunion? Forget it!

    I'm not reading anything into that except two old guys realizing hanging on to ancient grievances makes no sense at all, especially after Jon Lord passed away not too many years ago. Events like that tend to bring old friends back together and can lead to a reconciliation of hard feelings and...
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    Most Overrated Artists/Bands of 70s?

    I thought Marc Bolan and Bowie were early pioneers of glam as well, it's hard to pick just one artist/band that started it all, granted I am not a massive fan of glam generally but there was a lot of good music that came out of that genre.
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    Most Overrated Artists/Bands of 70s?

    ^^Considering who got in the dubious RRHOF before many more deserving artists I wouldn't lose sleep over it if my band got snubbed, there are many legendary bands who still deserve recognition and haven't received it yet. KISS seems to generate controversy either by their own actions or from...
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    Starz (Official Thread)

    ^^Can't you and Sweaty convince Starz to play at the local Pub Lou? ;)
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    Will Malcolm Young Return to AC/DC?

    If he quit drinking that's a good thing, but if he kept on smoking Riff that is probably what contributed to his stroke, it's common medical knowledge smoking increases all kinds of health risks including strokes.

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