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    Underrated bands of the 80's

    All the chart bands in the 80's were fantastic! You can only fault today's music. Most of it is just utter trash.
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    The La's (Official Thread)

    Re: The La's Yeah, There She Goes is great.
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    favorite 80's bands

    Echo & the Bunnymen Tears for Fears OMD Wah! The Smiths Siouxsie and the Banshees The Police
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    Singles Picture Sleeves

    Re: Picture sleeves. That might be a foreign pressing, as I looked on eBay and didn't find it listed. I agree, it's smart! :)
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    Singles Picture Sleeves

    Re: Picture sleeves. Got bored the other day, so I went around charity shops where they often have 7" singles in boxes. Not a collector of albums, though they also had those too. Here are some of my favorites. Linking the others, because they're too big. :P
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    Singles Picture Sleeves

    For some reason, I just love the picture on some record sleeves, even if I don't know what the song is. However, I only buy them if they're in mint condition. There's just so many rare records, one can hardly keep up. My mate knows this guy who collects all these records that he reads up on...
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    The Police (Official Thread)

    Re: The Police One of the best bands ever. Sting solo, not so much. But he's still a great artist. I just liked his work with The Police more.
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    Being a huge Liverpool music fan, I love The Wild Swans, formed by Paul Simpson after he left The Teardrop Explodes. Care also included Ian Broudie of Original Mirrors. I wasn't too keen on some of the stuff by The Lightning Seeds. Care was a band that did a few records in the early '80s...
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    The Cars (Official Thread)

    Re: The Cars Well I'm not a chick, but I loved their huge hit, Drive, sung by the late Benjamin Orr. The video suited its lyrics. I also really like that video because you see models of the band with Orr on bass.
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    Dokken (Official Thread)

    Re: Dokken...The Band Thread Dokken are awesome. I love "Breaking the Chains". You can also get a statue of George Lynch if u look for it. :D
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    Another band from Australia I'm quite into. They had a hit in the UK called "That's When I Think Of You" but had more impact at home. Great, very underrated band. I also love Icehouse / Flowers. They played the same sort of melodic music as 1927 did. :grinthumb
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    Dragon (Official Thread)

    Dragon Official Website Albums: Universal Radio (1974) Scented Gardens for the Blind (1975) Sunshine (1977) Running Free (1977) O Zambezi (1978) Power Play (1979) Body and the Beat (1984) Dreams of Ordinary Men (1986) Bondi Road (1989) Incarnations (1995) Sunshine to Rain (2006)...
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    David & David

    They did a great song called "Welcome to the Boomtown" in 86. Anyone know it?

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