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  1. BeatlesFan

    Happy Birthday Beatles Fan!!!!

    Thanks again!! :)
  2. BeatlesFan

    Happy Birthday Beatles Fan!!!!

    Thanks for all the Bday greetings! I'm surprised you guys remembered me, considering I rarely post and only lurk nowadays. :)
  3. BeatlesFan

    Favourite Beatles Drumming?

    Ringo plays drums on these new songs from Ben Harper: giP9j2iCbjY xE_kFn7d2NA
  4. BeatlesFan

    Favourite Beatles Drumming?

    New Ringo Starr interview with Iain Lee: Ringo Starr interview by The Beatles - Video interview - Absolute Radio I love the part where he compliments Ringo's drumming in Tommorow Never Knows and She Said She Said as the greatest drum fills of all time. :) But I would also include Ringo's...
  5. BeatlesFan

    THRILLER drum cover (i know it's not classic rock but....)

    Speaking of MJ, I really like the drumming on "Rock With You": JWfpW2NorC0
  6. BeatlesFan

    The only talented Jonas Brother.

    Empty Chairs At Empty Tables - Nick Jonas - Les Miserables 25º Anniversary Concert DVD 2010: dYToP5ZfydE In My Life / A Heart Full of Love - Nick Jonas, Katie Hall & Samantha Barks: Les Misérables 25th: ZfsH3IxwTko He should stick to doing broadway musicals, and never return to his...
  7. BeatlesFan

    Joe Anderson - Happiness Is A Warm Gun vs. Martin Luther-While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    Which of these two cover songs from Across The Universe do you prefer?? I LOVE both...But if I had to pick, then my vote goes to Kurt Cobain look-a-like Joe Anderson. :) EbdOv5O1HL4 vs. fTUjws94Ap0
  8. BeatlesFan

    Rockers & aging.

  9. BeatlesFan

    Carlos Santana: Black Magic Woman vs. Smooth

    Both are great...My vote goes to Smooth. :) IPo9Gd2z6rI CtHjKCBsGjk
  10. BeatlesFan

    Michelle Branch/Carlos Santana - I'm Feeling You vs. The Game of Love

    My vote goes to The Game of Love. :) 0gpwgPpswms 3UIojGDIBvI
  11. BeatlesFan

    Ringo anounces new album, 2011 European tour

    Ringo Starr plans new album, new summer tour February 18th, 2011 10:35 am ET . Ringo Starr is making a new record to follow up his "Y Not" album and will tour Europe during the summer, the former Beatle has announced. In the latest video update on his website, he says he's making the...
  12. BeatlesFan

    Stevie Wonder: Overjoyed vs. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

    Love both songs..My vote goes to Overjoyed. :) 2pkqqs2x2kA cWst-r26whI
  13. BeatlesFan

    Stevie Wonder: Lately vs. My Cherie Amour

    I love both, so I can't pick. bozH0O_cVhY 1OlG2ek-wzs
  14. BeatlesFan

    The White Stripes: My Doorbell vs. Icky Thump

    My vote goes to My Doorbell. LT3w6-cCn10 5roz5-wdjBg
  15. BeatlesFan

    The Beatles: I'll Get You vs. P.S. I Love You

    My vote goes to I'll Get You. V6Dk_PmFmXk 5EShWBjb13Y
  16. BeatlesFan

    The Beatles: Day Tripper vs. We Can Work It Out

    My vote goes to Day Tripper. 8EwHnCDJljo ZWTLINTfVUo
  17. BeatlesFan

    The Beatles: Hold Me Tight vs. It Won't Be Long

    My vote goes to It Won't Be Long. :) 7MqoOyaQ85w LYa0S65E3vo
  18. BeatlesFan

    The White Stripes - Hypnotize vs. Fell In Love With A Girl

    My vote goes to Fell In Love With A Girl. 1nKiJWMTJW0 q27BfBkRHbs
  19. BeatlesFan

    60's Promotional Clips, or Music VIDEOS

  20. BeatlesFan

    The Beatle Face Off

    Here's a start. :) George Harrison - Give Me Love s-KAvPbO8JY George Harrison - Isn't It A Pity IuStBNkvwhE George Harrison - Wah Wah dd8K5juJ_1M Ringo Starr ft. George Harrison (guitar, backing vocals) - King of Broken Hearts uZRRj7CVw-A Ringo Starr ft. Ozzy Osbourne (backing...
  21. BeatlesFan

    The Beatle Face Off

    My favourite Beatles are John + Ringo...I voted for John.
  22. BeatlesFan

    Watching The Wheels VS Under My Wheels VS Wheel In The Sky

    John Lennon - Watching The Wheels
  23. BeatlesFan

    A Day In The Life vs Strawberry Fields Forever

    I think these two videos are better qualities: yfrvY8zAL4A M9s1I1TZqJg Anyways, I LOVE both songs, but A Day In The Life is my #1 fav Beatles song.

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