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  1. Truckin

    The BEATLES (Official Thread)

    I was able to watch the second show last night and I really enjoyed it. From what our local news said, they had to cut some of the original participants /songs. Magical Mystery Tour was one of the songs and supposedly Julian Lennon was cut also. He said that he had no interest in attending a...
  2. Truckin

    Dennis DeYoung wants a Styx reunion

    I just heard from a fellow bluegrass music lover that Tommy Shaw has been working with her. She writes bluegrass songs. Not sure where this is leading for him.
  3. Truckin


    I've listened to both 19 and 21. In my earlier post I said I thought maybe she sounded like Kim Weston. I meant Kim Wilde.
  4. Truckin

    Anyone else...

    OK thanks
  5. Truckin

    Anyone else...

    It's working on my desktop now for this forum but not my other forum. I'll check my laptop next. That's where I first noticed it. By the way, I noticed someone changed my last post? I take it we're not to mention forum names in our posts then?
  6. Truckin

    Anyone else...

    I have no idea why I can't. My other forum is the same way for me now.
  7. Truckin

    Anyone else...

    Anyone having problems when on "New Posts" not being able to forward to the next page(s)? I have tried on three web browsers and see nowhere to advance to the next page.
  8. Truckin

    Best Songs to Drive to?

    Take the Highway~ Marshall Tucker Band Two Lane Highway~ Pure Prairie League Champagne Jam~ ARS
  9. Truckin


    My nephew brought me a cd of Adele the other day. He said I might like her because she sounds like Stevie Nicks. I listened to some songs from the album 21 and I think she has her own sound although quite pop sounding to me. I was thinking of Kim Weston more as I listened if I were to try and...
  10. Truckin

    Robin Zander to release solo country album

    Hmmmm.....I don't know about this one. It takes more than a good voice to make a country album. I grew up listening to country on Saturday nights when my parents use to haul me and my cousins downtown to the Saturday night jamboree. I can't stand today's country for the most part. That's how I...
  11. Truckin

    Best Songs to Drive to?

    Born For the Road~ Foghat Born for the Road by Foghat on Last Train Home | Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming
  12. Truckin

    Mis Heard Joe Cocker Lyrics

    Oh man.... that is hilarious! :oyea: Not since Belushi did him have I laughed so much!
  13. Truckin

    Jose Feliciano (Official Thread)

    Re: Jose Feliciano Jose is a class act. I love his Light My Fire version. Here's a good one of the classic "Sunny". CgXw734zr1w
  14. Truckin

    Hippie Fest... gRoOVy...

  15. Truckin

    Hippie Fest... gRoOVy...

    ZRKtPCr8v_4 Video will start shortly after beginning
  16. Truckin

    Songs about dads

    My Daddy Was A Milkman~ Kentucky Headhunters vR7hm-TmwGc
  17. Truckin

    Musicians that test your sexuality.

    What if you're asexual? :oyea:
  18. Truckin

    Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney

    Listening to the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show was where it pretty much all started for me and classic rock although I have memories of listening to earlier rock when my sister played her 45's.. Paul turns 69 today. :cheers2
  19. Truckin

    Drugs and Rock n Roll

    That's just not right! :pullhair:
  20. Truckin

    Drugs and Rock n Roll

    Somehow picturing Stevie Nicks with a hole in her nose just blows all my fantasies of her right out the door. Anyways, although we are having fun with this thread now, as with many threads, we have strayed a bit from my original post. But that's ok...I'm always up for a good laugh. I was...
  21. Truckin

    Drugs and Rock n Roll

    I always thought Gold Dust Woman and The Chain were kind of spacey.
  22. Truckin

    Drugs and Rock n Roll

    Well, I appreciate everyone's input. One particular album comes to mind when I think of drugs and rock. Fleetwood Mac's album Rumours supposedly was born out of continuous drug use to the tune of several hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the drugs. What a great album that is.
  23. Truckin

    Hi, I'm Laurel~~

    Hello.... as my brother-in-law used to yell out when he worked the game concessions at the amusement park.... "don't be shy, give it a try". Only I'm sure you'll walk away here with a lot of useful info instead of a 25 cent trinket. :D
  24. Truckin

    Drugs and Rock n Roll

    Very interesting Lynch. I realize that each generation has/had their own music and it seems that each generation comes away thinking that their music was the best. My parents were that way with the big band era.Yet they never could adapt to The Beatles or The Stones. I wonder what it is that...
  25. Truckin

    Donovan (Official Thread)

    Re: Donovan At the time Donovan was popular, I was just coming out of grade school in to junior high. I was still listening to AM Top 40. Yet I did manage to enjoy three of his songs very much. Atlantis, Wear Your Love Like Heaven, and Sunshine Superman.

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