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    Top 10 Color Bands

    Pink Floyd The White Stripes City and Colour Blondie (does that count? :P) Cream The Black Keys Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Silversun Pickups Godspeed You! Black Emperor Black Sabbath
  2. empress

    10 songs (videos)

    6. Fell in Love with a Girl - The White Stripes
  3. empress

    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Official Thread)

    i think it works, honestly. they're probably in my top favorite 20 bands, i love them. so excited for their new album.
  4. empress

    Nirvana (Official Thread)

    i think so! i like them but their popularity is huge and i just feel like a lot of people like the story behind Kurt, his image and everything. it definitely gave a boost to their fame. they would probably still be big now because they were relatively big in the 90s, but i don't think it would...
  5. empress

    The XX

    really good band! Crystalised is definitely my favorite song by them. Pib8eYDSFEI can't wait for their new album either, there's no doubt in my mind that it'll be amazing.
  6. empress

    10 songs (videos)

    Re: 10 songs 5. Free Money - Patti Smith
  7. empress

    Mojo's 50 Greatest Electronic Records of All Time

    it's okay. should have more modern albums though.
  8. empress

    Fragile vs Wish You Were Here

    Fragile. hardly though.
  9. empress

    10 songs (videos)

    Re: 10 songs 3. Real Love - Beach House
  10. empress

    Which rockstar (male or female), do you feel, has the best speaking voice?

    Bob Dylan... maybe not now but in the 60s-80s, lol. mnl5X5MQKTg as for girls, Janis Joplin! BOTEDnQ4Fvk
  11. empress

    Induct the next Hall of Fame class--You decide

    The Band Alice Cooper Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young) George Harrison Led Zeppelin Velvet Underground Neil Young
  12. empress

    Help decide-CRF Rock Hall. Induct the next class(1994)

    The Band Deep Purple Elton John Fleetwood Mac Genesis Jethro Tull John Lennon The Monkees
  13. empress

    Our Rockstar hearthrobs

    Jimmyyyyyy! :shock: also- Dylan & Donovan aw :flirt
  14. empress

    CRF Rock Hall of Fame: Come pick the 1992 nominations

    Jimi Hendrix (Experience) Cream Frank Zappa (& The Mothers of Invention) Jefferson Airplane (Starship) The Velvet Underground Etta James Willie Nelson Joan Baez Dusty Springfield Bob Marley Dolly Parton Billy Preston Peter, Paul, & Mary Donovan Paul Simon
  15. empress

    1991 Inductions: Come vote for CRF Rock Hall of Fame

    The Guess Who Ike & Tina Turner The Zombies Rod Stewart Smokey Robinson The Byrds Miles Davis
  16. empress

    Justin Beiber "Let It Be"

    yeah it's not that bad. at least he didn't make it into some electronic piece of shite. and i like the fact that he plays an instrument too, better than dancing or something rofl
  17. empress

    YOU VOTE: CRF Rock & Roll Hall of Fame week 5 (1990 inductions)

    The Animals The Kinks Simon and Garfunkel The Who The Yardbirds Willie Nelson Ike & Tina Turner
  18. empress

    Fearless or Bold As Love

    Bold As Love
  19. empress

    Which Fleetwood Mac lineup do you like better?

    not gonna lie i'm only familiar with the '75 and onwards lineup. i'm planning on getting into their earlier stuff soon though.
  20. empress

    2012 Classic Rock Music Releases

    good list. i wonder when Rush's new album is coming out...
  21. empress

    Rock Star Look-A Likes

    aw Jimmy lol. and NEIL PEART + TOM HANKS!! i've always thought that too! also isn't Sacha Baron Cohen playing Freddie in a movie? don't see much of a resemblance with Dylan and Andy? love them both but just don't see it. Adam Sandler looks a lot like Dylan though. also- George Harrison and...
  22. empress

    Joy Division

    i've only recently gotten into them, and i've only heard about six or so songs but so far i think they're great. Shadowplay's my favorite song so far. idk though, i don't have to be in a bad mood to listen to them? it's just not that depressing to me... lol.

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