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  1. Dirty Erin

    Your bands music

    or maybe not..:)
  2. Dirty Erin

    Your bands music

    Would love to hear your bands recordings, studio or live whatever!! Here is one of ours--please post yours!!
  3. Dirty Erin

    Speaking Of The Hall….

    Grand Funk Railroad should have been in 10 years ago!! Absolute shame they are not in.
  4. Dirty Erin

    Nazareth: No Mean City

    Our band used to play Telegram as we waited side stage to go on. Fun times!!
  5. Dirty Erin

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Well Well,,Judas Priest gets in to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!! "Award for Musical Excellence" is what they are calling it. The only other band to get in by that title was Springsteen's E Street Band. But yes, Judas Priest are finally in the RRHOF!!
  6. Dirty Erin

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    That's really awesome, What a keepsake!
  7. Dirty Erin

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Ive seen JP I think 7 times. First time was in support of Foghat, 1978
  8. Dirty Erin

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    I'm sad to see that Priest was yet once again not voted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I know Priest themselves probably could care less but this year I did see Rob and Ian promoting fans to vote on a few different sites, which tells me they do care a little, and would like to be in the Rock...
  9. Dirty Erin

    Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Dead at 50.

    Very sad, dude could really play and sing. It was very easy to tell he and Dave were very tight.
  10. Dirty Erin

    Is Alice Cooper Metal

    Brutal Planet was definitely heavy metal. Sorry if someone brought this up before me, I did not read the entire list yet. Some of AC's songs are absolutely heavy metal but yeah, some are sappy, funny and not really metal. All in all though, I'd put AC in the metal category. I love 95% of what he...
  11. Dirty Erin

    New VolBeat Servant of the mind

    Anyone got this new VolBeat cd? I hesitated to put it in the "Metal" forum but it is metal somewhat. This is without question the heaviest VolBeat cd that they have ever made. Classic melodic vocals by Michael Poulson who is spot on every time. Why this cd was much heavier I don't know, but I...
  12. Dirty Erin

    Alice Cooper - Along Came A Spider (2008)

    Love Alice!! The guy puts together the best band lineups. Plus his song selection live is awesome. He always throws a couple in that you never expected to hear. Can't get enough Alice!!
  13. Dirty Erin

    Saxon (Official Thread)

    You can always count on Saxon to come through!!
  14. Dirty Erin

    Cover Tunes one of ours

    And, one of ours: Weekends Were Made For Rock n Roll!!
  15. Dirty Erin

    Cover Tunes one of ours

    Apart from doing our own tunes, we also love finding songs and re-doing them our way. See if you know/remember this one:
  16. Dirty Erin

    Hello everyone

    Hello Hudson! I'm 61 and played my first club at 16. Am I "making money with music." I'd say that's a hard no. I've played a jillion clubs, made 4 cd's and have been in 5 different bands that played a lot of shows but no, if you count the equipment, guitars, drums ( I played drums for 35 years...
  17. Dirty Erin

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Exactly Magic, exactly!! Come up with a new name because everyone on the planet knows you were in JP, and please quit using old JP song titles for new songs written by you. Stop it KK!!
  18. Dirty Erin

    Saxon (Official Thread)

    Love Saxon!!
  19. Dirty Erin

    Female Fronted Metal Bands

    I know it's been posted but Alissa White of Arch Enemy is tough to beat.
  20. Dirty Erin

    Persona Non Grata!!

    Some how, some way I have never seen Exodus live. If I went to a festival, they weren't there that weekend, or if they were in support of another band, they took a week of two off at that time, but I have never seen Exodus live...bummer.
  21. Dirty Erin

    Persona Non Grata!!

    Just got this bad boy!! Listened to it thru 6 times already--it's Killer!! Highly recommend it!!!
  22. Dirty Erin

    Hello all

    Sweet photo--Painkiller!!
  23. Dirty Erin

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    KK's lp wasn't bad, but it didn't "wow" me much. I wish he would quit using partial old JP titles in his songs. Return of the Sentinel etc...
  24. Dirty Erin

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Priest did a lot of Drop D tuning on that lp. Made it heavier, more full imo. I wish they would do more of it going forward.

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