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    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    I'm not really into 'metal'....but it was done well for that style I guess,,,he's from Judas Priest right? 6/10... cuase Im betting his JP stuff is better. My favorite modern hard blues rock band ....imho these guys should be far bigger that they are.
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    Where is the Off Topic forum?

    I heard its the way the owner wanted one more funky thing . :rolleyes:
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    Where is the Off Topic forum?

    Why are you not allowed to edit your post in Off Topic area?
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    Cheap Trick (Official Thread)

    Man...I havent played any Cheap Trick in 30 years ....I had the first 4 lps ..think I have only the first 2 now....IN Color was always my favorite. After DReam Police I lost interest...not sure why....the early lps were interesting but the later ones didn't have the same vibe for me.
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    Quiet Songs.

    This is my 100th post....hopefully it will allow me to see the Off Topic area,,,,,if not the song is appropriate.
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    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

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    10 songs (videos)

    6. Joe Walsh- Lucky That Way
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    10 songs (videos)

    ER...bad luck in this case....... ;) great song though.
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    Forgotten Bands of the Sixties

    These guys had 2 or 3 really strong lps fro 67'-69
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    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

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    Where is the Off Topic forum?

    Well....I'll be really really mad if it doesn't fix my problem...I"m likely to go off on someone. :bash:
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    *Baroque 'N' Roll*

    To me Nick Drake fits nicely here.......what a tragic loss when he died young. My favorite by him....very sad.
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    *Baroque 'N' Roll*

    Not sure what baroque and roll is but this sounds like it to me I did look it up and the Left Banke was named....I have heard it called baroque pop rock or chamber pop...the name baroque n roll threw me at first. :oops:
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    Tickle The Ivory #2: BloodyWell Right vs Light My Fire

    Well ....voted THe Doors because I never cared for Supertramp very much though the ST intro is more complex.
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    Favourite B- Side☆

    Buffalo Springfield ATCO 6499....B side ..'Mr Soul'...A side was 'Bluebird' me Mr Soul was a more important track. (This was reworked some with guitar overdubs for the lp.)
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    Christian Rock

    Always thought Christian rock was a contradiction in terms......most of the Christians in Indiana think it's the realm of the devil but then my state is pretty conservative. :p
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    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    Great cover by the the leader of Roxy.....could have had a career just doing covers...maybe. 9/10 My favorite short lived clever power pop band.....brilliant songs.
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    Best artists to start into the blues?

    My favorite blues rock band ever......I think if Duane had not died at age 24 he would have been recognized as the greatest blues rock guitarist of all time eventually. And Betts was not bad either ;)
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    please recommend a progressive rock band.

    A newer one I like is Wobbler
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    The Canterbury Scene Family Tree

    Also recommend 'Antique seeking nuns 'and 'Sanguine hum.'
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    Progressive Instrumental Recommendations??

    All the usual suspects have been mentioned but heres a n obscure one
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    Best artists to start into the blues?

    I'm sure by now they have all been mentioned but .... Robert Johnson, BBKing, Albert King, Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters to start the core but there are so many more in that league...Albert Collins, Paul Butterfield Blues band, John Lee H**ker.... As far as later bands: Allman Brothers, Stevie...
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    Quiet Songs.

    'These Days'- Jackson Browne
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    David Crosby RIP

    By all accounts he could be a difficult person to be friends with. He admitted many times he let Stills, Nash ,and Young down on many occasions. He remained in contact with Stills but Nash and Young hadn't really spoken to him for quite some time. There are a couple of interviews with him where...

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