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  1. Nololob

    Favourite songs by bands/artists (3)

    US & Canada 1. Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through The Grapevine 2. Neil Young - (pass) 3. Blondie - (pass) 4. The Monkees - (pass) 5. The Guess Who - (pass for the fact I need to listen to more of their stuff before I say American Woman) 6. Bruce Springsteen - (definite no, pass)...
  2. Nololob

    why no rush in my collection

    My exact thoughts. A killer debut, straight forward hard rock.
  3. Nololob

    One sided albums

    As weird as it may sound, to me it's Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble. Sure it has great songs like Gypsy and Walking In Your Shadow, but Lucy Blues and Come Away Melinda make the side one less interesting. Side two on the other hand kills.
  4. Nololob

    Heavy / Hard Rock bands of the 60s?

    But wait, we're on 60s topic, right? Stone Garden from 1969... G8cnS07H_3c
  5. Nololob

    Strip 'em --- Black Sabbath

    Changes more like the song of drunken. A National Acrobat After Forever Anno Mundi Atom and Evil Black Sabbath Cardinal Sin Children of the Grave Children of the Sea Computer God Dirty Women Electric Funeral Fairies Wear Boots Falling Off the Edge of the World Glory Ride Hand of Doom Hole in...
  6. Nololob

    Gene Simmons Declares That Rock Is Dead

    The older he gets, the more bull**** he speaks.
  7. Nololob

    Strip 'em --- Black Sabbath

    War Pigs A National Acrobat After Forever Anno Mundi Atom and Evil Black Sabbath Cardinal Sin Changes Children of the Grave Children of the Sea Computer God Dirty Women Electric Funeral Fairies Wear Boots Falling Off the Edge of the World Glory Ride Hand of Doom Heaven and Hell Hole in the Sky...
  8. Nololob

    2014 Releases in Rock/Metal

    ^ Was just about to say, got a vinyl copy of that album and it's definitely in top 3 of this year's releases so far. qbUXHTWZ9vk
  9. Nololob

    Led Zeppelin (Official Thread)

    ...and just announced (few hours ago). UandfyNZxb4 You can't beat the production of this, so I'll stick to my German press from the 70s.
  10. Nololob

    Obscure Heavy Psych/Heavy Rock/Proto-Metal

    Nitzinger is heavily associated with Bloodrock and his solo stuff is really heavy! God Bless The Pervert 52VWYkHSmdI
  11. Nololob

    The best producers in rock history

    Jeff Lynne I should say...
  12. Nololob

    Songs 15 minutes or longer

    'In Held Twas In I' - Procol Harum SmGaDL-mcs4 'A Tab In The Ocean' - Nektar oCa4BVZIME4 'Salisbury' - Uriah Heep QQBSeclvMV8 'Star Storm' - UFO mugs3NEpsRs 'Thick As A Brick' - Jethro Tull M9JEPeeohYs
  13. Nololob

    Has your list of fav bands/artists changed over the years?

    In the last 7 or 8 years only once. It was a huge change however - from the only Rolling Stones to Uriah Heep and Nazareth. Both bands are doing very strong on my list.
  14. Nololob

    Mike Portnoy blasts new Pink Floyd album

    Mike Portnoy's rant is like a fart in the forest - will be gone unnoticed. I am glad I will be able to hear more material from The Division Bell sessions, my favourite PF album. Sometimes I hate modern prog artists. They shout out loud things that should be considered true and right according...
  15. Nololob

    Nazareth name new singer

    Not because I like all of their stuff, but because that's what Dan wanted.
  16. Nololob

    Controversial or unpopular opinions

    93% fail this quiz, would you? :heheh: The Beatles are ridiculously overrated and I really like 'Cold Lake' album by Celtic Frost.
  17. Nololob

    Nazareth name new singer

    I won't even try, because I agree with you. 80s was a tough era for 70s bands to get wider audience. Record companies didn't help either with all the MTV and radio stations, although I do consider Cinema the heaviest album of all 80s releases. I like all Nazareth albums, some more some less, and...
  18. Nololob

    Nazareth name new singer

    The last release with Manny was mega disappointing compared to Cinema and shame about Darrell. But they managed to get good replacements, certainly better guitarist than Manny who didn't put much effort in his last years. But with Dan retired I too think they should have called it quit or at...
  19. Nololob

    Nazareth name new singer

    Their new album Rock 'n' Roll Telephone is the best one since Manny left, The Newz is coming close second. It was Dan's wish for Nazareth to continue with a new singer.
  20. Nololob

    Jethro Tull (Official Thread)

    I went to Wallingford and I found this...
  21. Nololob

    Do You Still Buy Cds / Vinyl?

    No, I don't buy CD anymore. But I get at least a vinyl copy every week. Mostly it's a lot more than that.
  22. Nololob

    Tagging--A New Forum Feature

    That will be very helpful for sure Magic !
  23. Nololob

    Uriah Heep (Official Thread)

    I am still awaiting a vinyl copy as well. Couldn't get the CD from HMV as they sold everything on the day they put in stock. I call it BS and they're [HMV] just crap.
  24. Nololob

    Nazareth (Official Thread)

    Their new album Rock 'n' Roll Telephone, released a week ago. Great album to finish Dan's career as a vocalist. Some proper heavy tracks, with few slightly chilled in the middle. Definitely better than the previous two, The Newz and Big Dogz. One Set Of Bones (absolute monster!) __9kTEYSxXM...
  25. Nololob

    Uriah Heep (Official Thread)

    I'm picking up a CD copy tomorrow after work, hoping to get a vinyl copy as well.

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