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  1. Darth Pazuzu

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    A bit on the "tech-y" side of the musical spectrum for me. Honestly, it didn't really do much for me. Mind you, it's not terrible, and Laura Brehm's got a nice voice - if not particularly unique - but it's not my cup of tea. 6/10 The next artist is not identified in the video, but they're...
  2. Darth Pazuzu

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Very lovely. Not that knowledgeable about Clannad, but I like what I'm hearing. It reminds me of Enya, who's kind of in the same genre. 9/10
  3. Darth Pazuzu

    KISS "Destroyer" song battle!

    Ditto for me. God Of Thunder is heavy, but Detroit Rock City just rocks out more! (I've always wondered how many people actually realize that lyrically the song is basically an anti-drinking-and-driving PSA! :p) Although quite frankly, I was always more a Love Gun/Dressed To Kill fan myself...
  4. Darth Pazuzu

    Blue Oyster Cult Reveal ‘The Symbol Remains’ Album Details

    I already pre-ordered my copy of The Symbol Remains on Amazon! And now, after hearing the first two tracks, I'm even more psyched to hear it than I already was! :D For the longest time, I had resigned myself to the fact that 2001's The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror would be their last recorded...
  5. Darth Pazuzu

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Swingin'! :D Never heard this one before, actually. A little bit more retro-rock than I usually go for, but it's definitely got charm. 8/10 Now for something that's also a bit on the retro side...
  6. Darth Pazuzu

    Song To Fit Your Current Mood

    Feeling a trifle melancholy... and yet hopeful.
  7. Darth Pazuzu

    Iconic album battle! Priest vs. Purple

    Wow! Talk about apples and oranges. We're talking about two very different albums from two different eras. While Defenders Of The Faith is admittedly a very good '80s metal record, Burn is an absolute classic. And by the way, it's actually my favorite Deep Purple record. I'm admittedly more a...
  8. Darth Pazuzu

    Battle of the 80s monster albums Bon Jovi vs. Def Leppard

    I was always way more a fan of Def Leppard than Bon Jovi, so of course I had to go with Hysteria. But I must admit, I always thought that New Jersey was always somewhat underrated when set next to Slippery When Wet.
  9. Darth Pazuzu

    What's your favorite song on Aerosmith "Rocks"?

    Pretty close one there! Ultimately I had to go with Rats In The Cellar. But I also really love Sick As A Dog and Home Tonight.
  10. Darth Pazuzu

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Very lovely! I'm not all that familiar with Brian Eno's solo work, but I really like what I'm hearing here. Perhaps a trifle brief, as it truly does leave one wanting more... 9/10
  11. Darth Pazuzu

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Hmmmmmmm... Not bad at all, but quite honestly Men At Work was never really my thing. 6/10 And now... I first heard this little number in the Neil Jordan film Breakfast On Pluto (2005), starring Cillian Murphy. (It's practically the theme song.) Perhaps a bit on the cheesy side, and every bit...
  12. Darth Pazuzu

    Holiday in Cambodia or Holidays in the Sun?

    I had to go with the Pistols!
  13. Darth Pazuzu

    Quiet Riot Drummer Frankie Banali Dies

    That's very sad. I was into Metal Health when I was little, and his drumming on W.A.S.P.'s The Headless Children is absolutely killer. Another one down. An entire age is passing before our eyes. He will definitely be missed - as will they all! :(
  14. Darth Pazuzu

    Van Halen song battle 4

    Wow! That's a tough one. I had to go with Little Dreamer. Just my personal choice, y'know...;)
  15. Darth Pazuzu

    Put a song by the artist/band mentioned above you

    Manic Street Preachers
  16. Darth Pazuzu

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Pleasant enough ballad. Not my cup of tea, but pretty solid! 7/10
  17. Darth Pazuzu

    Sexy Women in Music II

    Inger Lorre (solo artist and former frontwoman of the Nymphs) I don't know if anyone else has posted Inger Lorre already, but here goes... With the Nymphs...
  18. Darth Pazuzu

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    Really quite lovely, this one. A classy prog instrumental. 8/10
  19. Darth Pazuzu

    Motley Crue or W.A.S.P?

    So far it's only 10 to 9 in favor of the Crüe, so I'm glad it's not terribly one-sided! Anyway, I voted for W.A.S.P. because Blackie Lawless is a better songwriter, the songs are heavier, and the overall vibe is more menacing, sinister and volatile. Look at it this way: There aren't many '80s...
  20. Darth Pazuzu

    Battle of the live albums

    So far, it doesn't appear to be much of a contest.:lmao: As you may have guessed... At Budokan for me!
  21. Darth Pazuzu

    What is a song that has emotional significance to you right now?

    Way back in March, I had bought a copy of Rush's The Studio Albums 1989-2007 box set. Having listened to the whole thing in the early days of the lockdown due to the pandemic, I have to say that the song that really jumped out at me and had resonance was... Now you might think I'd say something...
  22. Darth Pazuzu

    What's your favorite song from KISS "Dressed To Kill"?

    I have to go with Rock Bottom! Awesome song, plus that cool acoustic intro...
  23. Darth Pazuzu

    Put a song by the artist/band mentioned above you

    Pain David Bowie

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