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    Hello everyone

    If you take a gander at my username you'll catch a hint that we both share epic passions in the same genres of heaven on this earth. Every band you listed made me giddy inside as there are very few members that are intensely deep into everything that is and defines alternative...
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    Hi, I'm Curt !

    I dig your music taste and your name ;) I love to see such activity in new members as it's rare. You are making a killer contribution to the forum thus far. Do stick around my friend and welcome in.
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    10 songs (videos)

    7. Pantera - 25 Years
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    Simple Man vs. Simple Man

    Skynyrd was an effortless choice for me. Skynyrd's "Simple Man" pulls at my heart and leaves an impression every time I listen to it. Both are wonderful but are at different tempos and musical buildup. It's a little hard to compare one against the other.
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    1975 ~ 3!!

    I'm in the same glue between these particular two. Both are so different but at the same peg of greatness.
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    1970 ~ 3!!

    Sabbath followed by Rare Earth - Born to Wander. Another excellent poll with great choices, Priest.
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    Introducing Reverand Rock

    I enjoyed that picture.
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    10 songs (videos)

    8. Heart - Little Queen xQkQMpsmZhw
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    Introducing Reverand Rock

    Mesmerizing voice you got there. I hope that wasn't the only reason you came to post, though. Welcome to the family.
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    Happy Birthday Taboo!

    Happy Birthday Taboo☺ I hope your day was full of contentment and perhaps some smiles and a gift or two on the side :D
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    Happy 21st Birthday to Asanisimasa

    Happy 21st Nora❤ Lucky ass. I'll be heading to 21 in less than two years. Tell me if it's rad-****ing-tastic or just another year gone by :tongue:
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    The Gaslight Anthem (Official Thread)

    I actually get an Irish-vibe from them. I don't know if it makes sense but it's what I feel when I listen to them. A lot of their songs sound too alike but they have been sitting in my collection with no intent of getting deleted for years now. Their lyrics often touch on sensitivity and...
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    1971 ~ 2!!

    Elton John - Madman Across The Water with The Doors in a close second.
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    1980 ~ 2!!

    I don't mind being in the minority. I'm going for the soft Pat Benatar - Hell is for Children. I'm not a huge nut for Ozzy's solo career.
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    Old School Punk Battle

    Killer options. Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains and Black Flag are all amazing. Ramones are too poppy and polished for my raw-loving preference with punk. Bad Brains - I Against I is my pick.
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    1969 ~ 2!!

    Good Times Bad Times without doubt.
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    Metal Poll 20!!

    Black Sabbath - War Pigs They paved the way for an incredible amount of bands I love today.
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    Greetings from the Hub of the Universe

    I am highly envious of you. I grew up in an era where music was taking a turn to the dumpster. 28 posts already - pleasantly surprisingly as most newcomers do not stick around or make it that far. Welcome Frank, you're fitting in quite nicely here.
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    Acid Bath (Official Thread)

    I would sell my soul to see them and meet Dax Riggs. The man is genius.[/CENTER]
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    Electric Wizard (Official Thread)

    Statement that stands strong 3 years later. I'm so ready for more to be released of them. They're one of those bands that I have a forceful craving of new material for. Two words : Delicious Distortion eaMbKZPBruU
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    Hey Devo. Lots of fans here of the bands you mentioned. This forum is also great for opening others up to unfamiliar territory in music :D Stick around - you'll be glad you did.
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    Good influences to have, we'd love to hear some of your bands music so don't hesitate to share. Welcome FaithNFury
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    Johnnycanuck from the RCAF

    Military man - passionate - lives for music = <3 Welcome to the family, Johnny :D
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    I look forward to talking about the greatest music of all time!

    That makes two of us. You're upfront and know what you're about. I like that. You will make a wonderful attribute to CRF. Welcome in Jackson <3
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    Gumby from Edmonton, AB, Canada

    I already have a fondness for you with that line alone. You will be a wonderful attribute the forum and fit in right away. Welcome to CRF Gumby

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