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  1. rollingstoned

    Forgotten Bands of the Sixties

  2. rollingstoned

    Fleetwood Mac (Official Thread)

    that is pretty cool, i would do anything to see the original peter green line-up. the new fleetwood mac was in cleveland recently but i didnt see them.
  3. rollingstoned

    Black Sabbath (Official Thread)

    and i like the first album best haha :grinthumb
  4. rollingstoned

    Fleetwood mac in chicago

    Peter Green era is my favorite Fleetwood mac era.
  5. rollingstoned

    Favourite Track On A Hard Day's Night

    Cant buy me love
  6. rollingstoned

    Fried breakfast songs

    love me some beefheart!
  7. rollingstoned

    Prince (Official Thread)

    Rest in peace Prince, very under-rated guitar player!
  8. rollingstoned

    Doors (Official Thread)

    In the eye of the sun is my favorite Doors post-Morrison song
  9. rollingstoned

    Hey from UK

    Welcome to CRF!!! Enjoy your stay and rock on! :D
  10. rollingstoned

    Record Album Ads

  11. rollingstoned

    Record Album Ads

  12. rollingstoned

    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    I know, he's a beast for sure. KEEF KEEF KEEF :pimp:
  13. rollingstoned

    Robin Zander would sing for AC/DC

    This should get interesting! I'll get the popcorn ready. :oyea:
  14. rollingstoned

    Happy Record Store Day!!

    AMEN!! :bow:
  15. rollingstoned

    Happy Record Store Day!!

    Darn, if I would have known this I would have ran out and bought an album from my local record store "the exchange" lol.
  16. rollingstoned

    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    Keith can't play as well as he used to with his arthritis but he can still rock out. Still one of my favorite bands!
  17. rollingstoned

    Alice in Chains: Nutshell vs Rotten apple?

    All are great songs, but Nutshell is a personal favorite of mine from Layne. He is really putting his heart into that song, especially on the Unplugged version.
  18. rollingstoned

    Megadeth VS Metallica

  19. rollingstoned

    Brown Eyed Girl vs Cinnamon Girl

    Brown Eyed Girl close 1 though
  20. rollingstoned

    AC/DC - Who Made Who (1986)

    Who made who
  21. rollingstoned

    Hey from The Great White North

    Welcome aboard!
  22. rollingstoned

    Janis Joplin (Official Thread)

    haha thanks a ton! im always baked :grinthumb
  23. rollingstoned

    Queens of the Stone Age (Official Thread)

    cool pictures!!! :grinthumb
  24. rollingstoned

    Queens of the Stone Age (Official Thread)

    +props for owning blues for the red sun. you should check out welcome to sky valley, its my favorite kyuss album. Lost art is one of my fav QOTSA songs actually. its a great one.

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