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  1. runningshoes

    December 1977 Rock off

    Ever been to the Palm Isle? :oyea:
  2. runningshoes

    Frank Zappa vs. Robert Fripp

    Zappa. Saw him twice. Amazing.
  3. runningshoes

    Battle Of The Rock Operas

    Lots of love from myself.
  4. runningshoes

    New Wave Debut Album Battle

    B-52's but I would have voted for the Cars.
  5. runningshoes

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    Great voice. I really like it. 8/10
  6. runningshoes

    Happy Birthday joker1961

    Happy Birthday, Joker!!!!
  7. runningshoes

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    Cool song. Nice vocals. 7/10
  8. runningshoes

    Favourite Concert Beginnings.

    Pretty amazing, eh?
  9. runningshoes

    Songs Of 1996 Add List (50)

    1. Arena - Asia 2. When The Angels Sing - Social Distortion 3. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming - Deep Purple 4. Power - Helloween 5. Return Of The Warlord - Manowar 6. King Nothing - Metallica 7. When You Love A Woman - Journey 8. The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson 9. This Is Your Life - Dio...
  10. runningshoes

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    One of the most beautiful movements ever written, imo.
  11. runningshoes

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    The Tuba Mirum movement always brings tears to my eyes. The ending is mournful and beautiful. The thing about Requiem is that Mozart died while composing the first few bars of the Lacrimosa movement and it was completed by his student, Franz Xavier Süssmayr. Süssmayr may have relied on...
  12. runningshoes

    Favourite Concert Beginnings.

    This is mine.
  13. runningshoes

    Rate The Song Above You Part III

    Sounds a lot like Sabbath 7/10
  14. runningshoes

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Love this.
  15. runningshoes

    10 songs (videos)

    Dr. Robert - Beatles
  16. runningshoes

    Are we allowed to talk about disco?

    Nice hyperbole, though.
  17. runningshoes

    Queen song knockout: Death on Two Legs or Flick of the Wrist?

    If you held a gun to my head and told me I had to pick my favourite Queen tune, it would be Flick of the Wrist.
  18. runningshoes

    Grateful Dead or Eagles?

    None that I see.
  19. runningshoes

    Stevie Nicks or Janis Joplin?

    Love them both. Stevie has the edge.
  20. runningshoes

    4 70's Alice Cooper albums poll

    Welcome to my nightmare but From The Inside is my fave album.
  21. runningshoes

    Grateful Dead or Eagles?

    I don't like them. Nothing biased about that. I like your passion, though.
  22. runningshoes

    Grateful Dead or Eagles?

    That we can agree on. :grinthumb
  23. runningshoes

    Grateful Dead or Eagles?

    You seem to be taking our opinions personally. Any particular reason for that?

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