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  1. Dairenn

    What made you buy your last CD?

    So, I just got the new "Framework" CD by Work of Art, and I can't wait to listen to it tonight. Primarily because of the amazing sound they were able to achieve on their last two albums "In Progress" and "Artwork." Amazing albums. Not the kind of guitar flash I tend to prefer, but all of the...
  2. Dairenn

    My band's live DVD is coming out next week!

    Thanks! It's been a very, very busy year but yes, we are definitely still at it!
  3. Dairenn

    My band's live DVD is coming out next week!

    Due out September 28th... Check it out! cn-ot50sbYY
  4. Dairenn

    Starfire Album Release Concert press release

  5. Dairenn

    Bad Habit - Atmosphere (2011)

    Bad Habit Atmosphere (2011) AOR Heaven Produced by: Hal Marabel For the Genre: ***** (5/5) Compared to the Era: ***** (5/5) Summary: Hard and Heavy without Sacrificing the Melody. So right off the bat, let me address a criticism I believe this album probably receives, which is...
  6. Dairenn

    Starfire Debut Music Video World Premier

    Thanks! BTW, want to have your mind blown? Weeks after the production of this video, I noticed something... Van Halen - Jump (HQ music video) - YouTube At 2 minutes and 46 seconds past the start of BOTH videos, there is a close-up on the keyboard during the synth solo in songs that...
  7. Dairenn

    Starfire Debut Music Video World Premier

    The very first music video from my band STARFIRE, "Cat Walk" the new single from the upcoming album due out September 30th on Dynasty Records: The Way I Am. Rq_JG_E_4bo Please "like" and share, won't you? :rock:
  8. Dairenn

    Whitesnake (Official Thread)

    I plan to pick up both the Made in Japan DVD and Made in Britain CDs. His new band sounds amazing and David's still got the pipes in spite of the the years of wear and tear.
  9. Dairenn

    Work of Art - In Progress (2011)

    Thanks, I'm glad to be back. :-) And yeah, even now, this CD gets a lot of spins in my car. Easily in my Top 4 favorite from 2011... Ousey's Rhyme and Reason, The Magnificent and Mr. Big's What If... round out the rest. This is the band's second album, too. Work of Art's debut album...
  10. Dairenn

    Work of Art - In Progress (2011)

    Work Of Art In Progress (2011) Frontiers Records Produced by: Work Of Art For the Genre: ***** (5/5) Compared to the Era: ***** (5/5) Summary: Just three words for this one… Oh. My. God. I love the classic rock act like the next guy… Treat, Stan Bush, Nelson, Whitesnake, Night...
  11. Dairenn

    50 Worst Band Photos

    Nearly died laughing at the "Valley of the Damned" and "The Schytts" at But then the line about "don't put hippies on stilts. That's basically begging for a concussion." finished me off. Genius.
  12. Dairenn

    Journey - Eclipse (2011)

    Journey ECL1PS3 (2011) Frontiers Records Produced by: Kevin Shirley For the Genre: ***** (5/5) Compared to the Era: ***** (5/5) Summary: With a fresh, accessible sound, ECLIPSE is an epic sonic journey. By now, everyone should know that Journey can bring the goods. A veteran...
  13. Dairenn

    Unruly Child - Worlds Collide (2010)

    I thought I posted this but I can't find it, so, here it is. If this is a duplicate, feel free to let me know and delete it. Worlds Collide (2010) Unruly Child Frontiers Records Produced by: Bruce Gowdy & Guy Allison For the Genre: ****- (4/5) Compared to the Era: ***** (5/5)...
  14. Dairenn

    Perfect View - Hold Your Dreams (2011)

    (Before I begin, just want to say it's good to be back. Been a way a really long time sorting out some stuff in my personal life and wrapping up some academic work. Hope to be around a lot more...) For the Genre: ***-- (3/5) Compared to the Era: ****- (4/5) Summary: A solidly produced...
  15. Dairenn

    VIVID 25th Anniversary

    Living Colour has been touring California since Wednesday, March 27th, playing the complete 1988 release VIVID, with their LA stop last night at the El Rey theatre and the show was INCREDIBLE. I want to say that Vernon Reid is playing better NOW than back then! It was certainly a surprise to...
  16. Dairenn

    Time-traveled rocker chick's greetings!

    Welcome to the forum! Happy New Year! I'm just now finding my way back around these parts myself. I honestly know how you feel. I was born in 1980 myself so I'm not super young, but I'm definitely not old enough to be among many of those that were able to appreciate the amazing rock of the...
  17. Dairenn

    Van Halen kicks off tour. Setlist revealed

    They've rolled through Los Angeles (twice now!) and they were STELLAR. It sucks that, thanks to my printer chewing up my tickets, a detour to FedEx Kinko's made me miss my favorite song "Runnin' with the Devil" but it was awesome to hear deep cuts like "Women in Love." I wrote a full review of...
  18. Dairenn

    Van Halen announces tour dates!

    They've rolled through Los Angeles (twice now!) and they were STELLAR. I've written and posted a full review from my attendance last night at
  19. Dairenn

    Van Halen (Official Thread)

    I couldn't make it to the June 2nd show but when they added the 9th, my wife decided to buy me tickets for my birthday. :-) And why not? I'm a life-long fan... It all started for me when my dad had "Cheers" on mute and played "Runnin' with the Devil" on 95.5 KLOS and could not believe how...
  20. Dairenn

    Chris Ousey Solo Album Announced

    Just got the CD in the mail. Want to do a full review of it on the other forum but just wanted to say my jaw dropped to the floor when I played Track #1. I was literally in the car and after I pressed play, my eyes popped and I said, "Holy Shit!" So, yeah, people definitely must get this...
  21. Dairenn

    Digital/Online Radio Stations

    Spotify is terrific. I'm on there a lot. It doesn't limit your skips like Pandora, there is more music, the artists are better played, it's easier to learn about new music. I could go on and on. I just wish it were more social like is.
  22. Dairenn

    Your preferred Internet Radio station?

    iHeartRadio saves me when I am trying to listen to Eddie Trunk's Brilliant NYC show and I can't get SiriusXM to be more reliable in the car. Plays great on my BlackBerry. It's also great for when I want to listen to AM stations indoors. The only drawback is that you only get ClearChannel...
  23. Dairenn


    Wow. Thanks for all the good tips guys. I've been diving into these bands you've all mentioned and I'm in love. Another release...a 2011 CD, but relatively new...was a project between the guitarist from Leverage and the singer from Circus Maximus for Frontiers called "The Magnificent." I am...
  24. Dairenn

    Chris Ousey Solo Album Announced

    JUST got around to hearing this and I am freaking FLOORED. "Mother of Invention" is a SICK track. Mike Slamer is killer as usual, along with Tommy D. but I've been a big fan of Neil Murray since his work on the s/t Whitesnake '87 release and Bissonet is legendary. I couldn't believe I hadn't...
  25. Dairenn

    Little Guitars sample & Mr. Big

    Much thanks! I was going to make the edit myself but after a while, the author is unable to edit their own posts. That's probably one of my favorite intros EVH ever composed so I had to learn it. It is really weird because he uses that strange "mini Les Paul" Gibson on the recording (and in...

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