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  1. FireandWater

    Kingdom Come (Official Thread)

    Just recently started to get into them. What Love Can Be is just amazing live!
  2. FireandWater

    1976 ~ 2!!

    Bad Co!
  3. FireandWater

    California Jam 1974 Live Battle

    Thank you, very much! :cheers2
  4. FireandWater

    California Jam 1974 Live Battle

    The two better bands that were there. Good Luck! Mistreated - Deep Purple tsO26Pgm6qI Children Of The Grave -Black Sabbath P7V3pEGZz64
  5. FireandWater

    Van Halen vs Appetite For Destruction

    Both bands IMHO brought Rock and Roll back to the forefront and gave us something new with their debut. Damn, this is one of the hardest choices ever. I'll go with VH right now but if you ask me in a couple of months it could change.
  6. FireandWater

    Three Of The Best

    Here we go... The Boss! 1973 1973 1975
  7. FireandWater


    Not really close for me, Led Zep for the win!
  8. FireandWater

    Metal Poll 3!!

    Opeth, of course!
  9. FireandWater

    Metal Poll 1!!

    The one and only Black Sabbath!
  10. FireandWater


    VH for me :)
  11. FireandWater

    Aerosmith vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd

    If that tragic accident never happened and LS kept releasing albums with Van Zant and the boys then my vote probably would have been different. Aerosmith just has so much great material.
  12. FireandWater

    Connections: Trapeze

    I wanted to feature a band with members who went on to be in other bands. This time I'm going to feature Trapeze. Vocalist/Bassist Glenn Hughes went on to be in Deep Purple in the mid-seventies. Drummer Dave Holland is best know as former drummer of Judas Priest. Guitarist Mel Galley played...
  13. FireandWater

    Create Your Own Supergroups

    Three Guitar Attack ;) Vocals/Piano: Paul Rodgers Guitar: Rory Gallagher Guitar: Paul Kossoff Guitar: Robin Trower Bass: Greg Ridley Drums: John Bonham
  14. FireandWater

    Walk Away vs Walk All Over You vs Walk This Way

    Walk This Way and isn't not close for me.
  15. FireandWater

    FireandWater's Top 250 Classic Rock Songs

    3. Bad Company -Ready For Love nbqjBpNT1sc Bad Company unlike Free were popular in America. However, Free was the better band in my opinion. Then again any band with Paul Rodgers would be good. He is my favorite vocalist and this is my favorite Bad Company song. I have been away...
  16. FireandWater

    Ultimate Rock Guitarist Bracket: Championship

    Van Halen for me because he needs the votes.
  17. FireandWater

    Ultimate Rock Guitarist Bracket: Championship

    Wow, we mad it this far! Who will take the crown? Both very good guitar players. Good luck! :pullhair:
  18. FireandWater

    Ultimate Rock Guitarist Bracket: Final Four

    Alright, we are to the final four. Good luck! :pullhair: Tony Iommi VS Jimmy Page Ritchie Blackmore VS Eddie Van Halen
  19. FireandWater

    Ultimate Rock Guitarist Bracket: Elite Eight

    There are some really good match-ups yet again. We are getting closer to naming the ultimate guitarist! Good Luck! :pullhair: RULE: ONLY PICK ONE GUITAR PLAYER PER GROUP
  20. FireandWater

    Power Ballad Matchup: Alone Again vs Is This Love

    Alone Again Acoustic is amazing!
  21. FireandWater

    Ultimate Rock Guitarist Bracket: Sweet 16

    Some great match-ups this round as the cream rises to the top. There was one tie last round and my wife picked Joe Walsh to advance. RULE: ONLY PICK ONE GUITAR PLAYER PER GROUP
  22. FireandWater

    Stage Collapse at Indiana State Fair

    It was during a Sugarland concert but no band was on stage at that moment. There has been multiple injuries and 3 confirmed dead as of right now. My prayers go out to all the families. Authorities: 3 dead in Indiana fair stage collapse - Yahoo! News

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